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Homebrew, Fermentation and Distilling

March 2016

SKS carries products to serve a wide range of industries. More recently SKS has built off existing lines, as well as added new ones for products that suit the homebrew, fermentation and distilling industries. This month an industry index on the SKS website was launched to help guide customers in the market for such product packaging. From 32 oz glass boston rounds, to 8 oz plastic beverage bottles, this brand new industry index is sure to help you find just what it is you’re looking for.


SKS added 64 oz and 32 oz amber glass growlers with a larger handle, for easier and more comfortable carrying. Offer your customers the luxury of taking beer home with them in these easy to fill, easy to pour glass growlers. SKS also carries a 1 gallon glass amber jug for holding larger quantities. Pair any of these homebrewing growlers with black phenolic cone lined caps, white or black ribbed caps, or white or black metal plastisol lined caps, for a finished look. Click below to shop for growlers.


Aim to package products like fermented hot sauce and siracha in glass for better keeping. Glass is a safe material when it comes to packaging food because of its impermeable nature. Additionally, glass better preserves the flavor and aroma of the product, a win-win for properly housing food. Opt for clear glass stout bottles to package a variety of sauces. These bottles are offered with plastic black and white ribbed caps, as well as, white and silver metal caps. For holding foods like hot sauce, glass woozy bottles are a great option. These glass bottles are offered in sizes ranging from 1.7 oz to 8 oz, though the 5 oz featured with orifice reducers could be most suitable for hot sauces, as having an orifice reducer will control the amount dispensed from the bottle. Click the button below to shop for stout bottles or click here to shop woozy bottles.


Looking to package a variety of liquors in a classic style glass bottle? Then, browse the stocked selection of clear glass bar top bottles SKS offers. Choose from the 375 ml or 750 ml bottle to properly hold and display high end liquors. These bottles feature a bar top neck finish to be paired with wooden bar top corks, or black ribbed bar top corks. Both closures maintain the classic appeal of the bottle, while simultaneously suiting an assortment of liquor products. Click the button below to shop the glass bar top bottles.

Click here to view the new Homebrew, Fermentation and Distilling index

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