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At SKS We Now Stock Regular and Mini Trigger Sprayers!

September 2013

Whether it is for industrial, cosmetic, gardening or lab ware purposes, our brand new mini and regular trigger sprayers are sure to suit your needs!

Mini Trigger Sprayers

Built with convenience in mind, these mini trigger sprayers make dispensing product a breeze. The construction of this particular sprayer makes for effortless operation. Its valve engine can handle a wide range of products including those with a high viscosity, such as lotions and gels. These new mini trigger sprayers are available in both white and black with a variety of dip tube lengths. Each sprayer has a 24/410 neck finish and an output of 0.2cc (210 MCL). These unique sprayers come with a small clip attached to the piston which prevents the trigger lever from moving and dispensing any product during the shipping process. We paired them with a variety of bottles to fit your needs. Click the links below to view the available kits.

Trigger Sprayers

Each of our white polypropylene trigger sprayers have a 28/400 neck finish and a 0.9 cc output. We offer dip tubes ranging in length from 4 3/4" to 9 1/2".These sprayers uniquely feature four sprayer settings, simply turn the nozzle at the tip of the sprayer to the right or left 90 degrees to select from 4 different spray settings; off, on, stream or spray.They are a good fit for use in several different industries including; industrial, bath and body care, gardening, labware, tattoo, spa and many others. Browse the kits we stock by clicking the links below, or buy in bulk and save!

Packaging Tip

Induction Lined Caps

Induction lined caps are a great option when your product needs to be safely packaged in a sealed container. Induction liners have several layers; pulpboard, wax, foil, as well as a polymer coating. When passed through an induction machine, like our Enercon Super Seal Jr., the heated foil melts the wax and polymer creating a hermetic, leak proof seal. In addition to a leak proof seal, induction liners once removed cannot be reapplied, providing the end user with the comfort of knowing their product has not been tampered with. Induction liners are commonly used in food, beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Product of the Month

Black PCR Jars

Our new black PET PCR Jars are uniquely made from 100% post-consumer material! Meaning, after the material is used it is recycled, cleaned, ground and re-compounded into pellets before then being molded into these black straight sided jars.

Take advantage of this environmentally conscious product to package products in industries like, bath and body care, cosmetic, spa, amenity and several others. Click below for links to these one of a kind jars!

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