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A Healthy Boost: Nutritional Supplement Containers

August 2011

SKS has a wide selection of nutritional supplement containers for whatever your product line demands. Whether you need to package pills, liquids, oils or other supplements, you could find the perfect container here. Want to check out the full line of nutritional supplement containers? Click here!

Blue Glass Supplement Bottles

Home remedies come in all forms and sleek packaging can be essential to your product's success. These blue glass supplement bottles could be great for yourhomeopathic remediesor other light sensitive products and more.

Plastic Energy Drink Bottles

Get a jolt from this selection ofplastic energy drink bottles. A range of sizes and styles offer many options for packaging a performance booster. From small shots to a shake on the run, you could find the bottle you need here!

Plastic Supplement Bottles w/ Induction Lined Caps

These clear and opaque white bottles could be great for packaging every day supplements. Consider these multivitamin bottles that haveinduction lined capsfor added insurance that the contents inside remain untainted.

Plastic Child Resistant Supplement Containers

It's important to package children's vitamins essential for development with care. These clear and white plastic bottles withchild resistant closuresare great for keeping the medicine cabinet safe.

Herbal Tea Containers

Herbal home remedies can come in many different forms and we have the containers for them! From packaging loose leaf tea to concentrated drops of home remedies and tea bags, these containers could be great for yourherbal supplements.

These are just a few of the nutritional supplement container ideas we have come up with. Be sure to browse our site for other containers for packaging bath & body care products , food & sauces, cosmetics and more!

Packaging Tip

Supplement Facts

Nutritional supplements come in many forms and they can often be a helpful way to get nutrients or a boost you need. Here's what you should know:

  • Dietary ingredients sold before 1994 do not have to be reviewed by the FDA, as they are considered safe after long periods of human use.
  • Supplements are not required by federal law to be proven safe and effective before the product hits the market.
  • In 2007, the FDA introduced Good Manufacturing practices in an attempt to ensure the wrong ingredients, or amount of ingredients, aren't included in the supplement.
  • It's always best to talk to your doctor before taking a supplement. Even if it isn't listed on the label, the supplement may still have adverse side effects.

Read more about supplements here:

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