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October 2009

Whether you're looking to package honey sauces, beeswax candles or a honey skin care line, SKS has a great selection of beekeeping containers for all of your apiary, beeswax and honey products!

Glass Honey Jars & Bottles

We carry a variety of glass honey jars and bottles that may be ideal for your bulk and retail honey products. The clear glass hexagon, paragon, economy and straight-sided honey jars are all available with metal plastisol-lined caps. Suggested heating methods will cause the liner to solidify, creating a seal between itself and the jar. This will help to keep your honey fresh on the shelf and provides your customers with a tamper-evident honey jar.

Plastic Honey Jars & Bottles

Our PET plastic honey bottles and jars could also be a good option to package your honey products. Choose from traditional straight-sided honey jars or try our wire bale honey jars with hinged lids and PET French squares for a unique look! We also have several honey jars, bottles and pails that are 32 oz and above, which could be great for storing honey in bulk.

Glass Honey Sauce Bottles & Jars

In addition to packaging honey, SKS has a variety of containers that are well suited for all of your beeswax and honey products! Our clear glass bottles and jars could be just what you need to package honey mustard, honey dressing, honey barbecue sauce, chocolate sauce, and more!

Mead Bottles

Our 12 oz clear glass mead bottles and one gallon glass mead jugs may be ideal for brewing and bottling homemade honey wine or other honey beverages. The white polypro jars are great for storing and packaging honey wine ingredients such as yeast, enzymes, yeast nutrients and more!

Honey Skincare Containers

Try using our glass and plastic jars, bottles and tubes for your honey skin care product line! Our PET plastic foamer bottles create rich foam with each pump without using gas propellants. This could make them ideal containers for honey facial cleanser or hand soap. The half-ounce lip balm tubes could be great for beeswax lip balm or solid perfume and the white polypro double wall jars might be perfect for body butter, honey hand cream and more! Our unique PET plastic French square bottles could be just what you're looking for to package bath salts, honey milk soak or sugar scrubs.

Apitherapy Supplement Containers

Our glass containers and slip cover tins may be great for packaging your line of apitherapy supplements! The clear glass French squares and boston rounds are available with phenolic cone lined closures, which seal each container across the opening and inside diameter. These caps could be ideal to help prevent leakage and to ensure product freshness. The clear glass paragon jars have wide openings that could be great for dispensing bee pollen or supplements. Try using our round slip cover tins for healing salve, propolis ointment or honey-based hand cream!

Beeswax Candle Jars & Tins

We have a variety of glass and metal containers that might be used for beeswax candles! Try our square clear top beeswax candle tins or our hexagon jars, which are available with black, gold or green lug caps! Our amber glass boston rounds with black bulb droppers could be ideal for dispensing fragrance oils, candle dyes, diffuser oils and more!

Bee Care Containers

If beekeeping is your hobby or full-time occupation, you know how important it is to have healthy bees! We have a variety of plastic bee care containers that might be used to package bee medications, bee food and supplements. Our polypro and HDPE bottles and jars could be just what you need to package a commercial line of honeybee care products. Try using these containers for pollen substitutes, pest control pellets, antibiotic patties and feed supplements. If childproofing is a concern, try our vapor lock pails and HDPE pharm rounds. The pails have tight fitting, pry-off lids and the white pharm rounds are available with child resistant caps.

These are just a few of the beekeeping container ideas we have come up with. Be sure to browse our site for other containers to package things such as bath & body care products, food & sauces, lip balm, candles, cosmetics and more!

Packaging Tip

Induction Sealing Equipment

Induction lined closures offer your customers a tamper evident product, help protect against leakage, promote freshness and add value to your product line.

Induction sealing is a non-contact heating process that creates a hermetic seal between the liner and the opening of a glass or plastic container. An induction liner is typically made up of several layers: the top is paper pulp followed by a layer of wax, which binds a layer of aluminum foil to the paper backing. The outermost layer is a polymer film that is laminated to the aluminum foil.

In order for the liner to bind to the container, an induction sealer must be used. Click here view our selection of induction sealing equipment . After the induction-lined cap is applied to the filled container, it passes under the sealing head, which emits an electromagnetic field. As the aluminum foil layer begins to heat, it melts the wax and polymer film layers. The pulp paper backing absorbs the wax, releasing the foil liner from the cap and the polymer film liquefies onto the lip of the container. The polymer creates a hermetic seal against the container after it has cooled. This process takes a matter of seconds so it does not affect the container or its contents.

Be sure that the induction liner is compatible with the container material. Many times a liner created for plastic containers will not create an adequate seal with a glass container, and vice versa. Please contact our Inside Sales department for assistance with sampling the correct type of closure and liner for your application.

As always we recommend that you test your product, container and closure for compatibility!

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