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Bath Salt Containers

August 2005

Turn your bathing time into a relaxing ritual by transforming your bathtub into a luxurious spa! With the addition of bath salts to a warm drawn tub, youíll immediately notice that the water feels softer, the air fills with a pleasant aroma, and your soap will have an enhanced lather; itíll seem as though youíve stolen traits from a spa and brought them right into your own home! Today more and more people are looking towards nature for remedies to sooth all their aches and pains; adding bath salts to their bath water can help in soothing many of these discomforts. For those of you who are on your feet all day or for all the athletes in your life, bath salts are great for easing stiff sore muscles and aching feet and legs.

Bath Salt Packaging

SKS is offering an extensive line of container and closure combinations specifically for all your bath salt creations. Available in an array of shapes and sizes we offer twist top and clear top tin containers, PVC tubes, glass tubes with cork tops, clear glass hex jars, blue, amber, and clear PET jars, glass French squares, Pharmaceutical rounds, and Boston rounds, all of which are accompanied by various style closures. By providing an assortment of compatible materials for our bath salt containers, our clients can properly choose the perfect container to package their products. By offering the same containers in a variety of sizes, you are able to package an entire line of bath salt creations in a classy and sophisticated manner!

Benefits of Bath Salts

Male or female, your body can benefit from bath salts in a multitude of ways. Bath salts can enhance your complexion by purifying and moisturizing your skin. These salts help to cleanse away dirt, sweat, and toxins, leaving you feeling fully refreshed. Let the aromatherapy effects of the bath salts sooth, relax, and pamper you in your free time.

Homemade Bath Salt Gifts

Creating your own homemade bath salts is a fun, quick, and easy way to create a thoughtful gift for anyone. Bath salts make for a great gift for all occasions, whether itís for a birthday, Christmas, a bridal shower, an anniversary, or even a house-warming gift. You can give the gift of bath salts in a fancy packaging container by itself, or try including them in a bath set with a variety of body care products as a spa gift.

Bath Salt Decor

Bath salts also make for a luxurious bathroom accessory. Place the salts in a stylish container and you can decorate your bathroom with an aromatherapy accessory. Place a few bathroom must haves around the salts and youíve created a great decorative scented scene! For a more elegant look, try adding rose petals or assorted dried flowers to your homemade bath salts. Containing the salts and flowers together in a fashionable jar makes for an excellent bathroom accent. With a compatible closure, use as much of the salts as you like and replace the container with cap back to its show place for a later use.

Adding a Label

All of the chosen bath salt containers leave a substantial amount of room for placement of an elegant label. You could even include ingredients and instructions on how to use the bath salts. Personalize your labels and use your bath salt containers as party favors at weddings, showers, or birthdays. Your guests will be reminded of you when theyíre at home treating themselves to a spa-like experience.Simple in design yet possessing great style, these bath salt containers allow you to be creative and decorate your products to your liking. What could be better than creating a product that would let your family and friends relax, enjoy life, unleash their stress, and be thinking of you and thanking you for giving them this experience. By choosing an elegant container and filling it with your bath salt creation, you're offering the best gift of all: a personal pick me up!

Bath Salt Ideas

Our bath salt containers are available in a large assortment of shapes and sizes. Take a few minutes to browse our bath salt container selection. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to e-mail us. When choosing a container for your product we suggest that you test the container with your product for compatibility, as always this step is important in providing the best-suited package for your product.

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