SKS Plastic Oval Bottles

PET Oval Bottle Shapes Explained

1. Cosmo Ovals

The pleasant design of the cosmo oval plastic bottle is deviated from an ellipse, which is extruded vertically, gradually rounding off to a set of soft smooth shoulders. The ergonomics of the cosmo oval make for an easy to handle container.

2. Naples Ovals

The naple oval plastic bottles are designed with a wide rounded shoulder and gradually slope to a more condensed round yet still oval base. The form of this plastic bottle smoothly draws your eye from top to bottom without any unwanted aesthetic interferences.

3. Dundee Ovals

The shape of the dundee oval plastic bottle beginning at the top neck of the bottle slopes outwards, quickly dropping off into the long straight sides of the bottle. The opposing characteristics between the bottles shape and the material it's made of complement each other making for a rigid look, yet containing a flexible center for ease of dispensing your product.

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