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Label Specifications & Information Label Specifications & Information


  • Glossy finish
  • Base paper stock 2.5 mil in thickness (1 mil = 0.001 inch = 25.4 µm)
  • Over laminate 1 mil in thickness (1 mil = 0.001 inch = 25.4 µm)
  • 4 color printing
  • PDF proofing
  • 3" diameter Core

Uploading Label Artwork - Requirements

  • Minimum of 300 DPI
  • Supported file types:
    • Adobe Illustrator (AI) CS5 or earlier version
    • Print Ready PDF *
  • File size: less than 1.5 MB
  • Color mode: CMYK
  • Images: Embed all images used in producing your artwork
  • Fonts: Convert all fonts to outlines
  • * PDF Requirements:
    • Save as "press quality" PDF
    • All PDF's should contain 300 DPI images
    • Should be saved w/ NO compression
    • Use only CMYK or spot colors
    • Do not use or embed color profiles

PDF Templates Use our PDF Label Templates for Perfect Size & Formatting

Rectangle Label Templates:

Oval Label Templates:

Circular Label Templates:

Specialty Label Templates:

Label Unwind Direction

You are able to select your unwind direction when purchasing a label from our shopping cart. If you're applying your labels by hand, wind direction is not crucial. Unwind Direction matters most when using machinery. If you are using machinery the unwind direction you select needs to match what your machinery accepts and can work with. Our label dispensers can only be used with wind directions 1 - 4. For label orders where we will be applying the labels at SKS, we prefer to use wind direction 3 with our equipment.

Below are the eight common label wind directions:

  1. Wound OUT

    Label Wind 1
    Top of Copy Dispenses First wound out
  2. Label Wind 2
    Bottom of Copy Dispenses First wound out
  3. Label Wind 3
    Right Side of Copy Dispenses First wound out
  4. Label Wind 4
    Left Side of Copy Dispenses First wound out
  1. Wound IN

    Label Wind 5
    Top of Copy Dispenses First wound in
  1. Label Wind 6
    Bottom of Copy Dispenses First wound in
  2. Label Wind 7
    Right Side of Copy Dispenses First wound in
  3. Label Wind 8
    Right Side of Copy Dispenses First wound in

Design Terms

Design Tips for best results

Use CMYK color mode
CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow & key [black]) is a subtractive color model, meaning an ink color is determined by the light wavelengths it absorbs (subtracted) and the wavelengths it reflects (the color you see). RGB (red, green, blue) is an additive color model, which creates colors from light emitted directly from a source, such as your computer monitor. You will be able to use much brighter colors in the RGB color mode, but when converted to CMYK for print, these colors will become much duller. This is because paper and ink can only reflect light, not generate it. Therefore, create your artwork in CMYK color mode for the most accurate results.

Convert text to outlines
This ensures that your font will be rendered exactly as you want it. If our programs do not support the font you used in your design, it will be replaced with a default font. In Illustrator, you can outline your text by selecting the layer and Object > Expand from the toolbar.

First Proof free of charge, Additional Proof Pricing
Additional proofs $50 each

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