Label Specifications & Information

Custom Label Options

  • Available label materials include: white or clear BOPP label material with gloss or matte laminate , and Classic Crest Felt White (white paper with no laminate).
  • Round, Oval, Square, and Rectangular shape options
  • Square and Rectangular labels: choice of rounded or squared edges
  • Hand applied or machine applied label roll options, with 4 label roll orientation options for machine applied labels
  • All label rolls have a 3" Inner Diameter core and 8" Outer Diameter core

Uploading Label Artwork - Requirements

There are two options when uploading your artwork during the custom label ordering process. When uploading a Jpeg image, you can customize and finish the artwork for printing through the SKS Bottle website.

  • Upload a High Resolution Jpeg Image:
  • Minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per square inch)
  • Add up to 2 text boxes with custom fonts, sizing and placement
  • Move, resize and rotate your background image as needed.

Upload a PDF file if you have finalized, print-ready art and are ready to process your custom label order.

  • Upload a PDF File:
  • Must be finalized label design, and sized to the correct shape and dimensions for the selected label template
  • Fonts used in the PDF must be outlined.
  • Images embedded in the PDF must be at least 300 DPI

Use our PDF Label Templates for Perfect Size & Formatting

Rectangle Label Templates:

Oval Label Templates:

Circular Label Templates:

Label Roll Direction

This option applies to machine applied labels only; if you select hand applied labels, you will not need to select this option. Label roll direction refers to the orientation of the custom labels on the core. If applying the labels with machinery, the label direction you select needs to match what your machinery accepts.

There are four options available for the label roll direction.

Top Off First
Bottom Off First
Right Off First
Left Off First

Custom Label Design Tips

Using Artwork Guidelines
The label template includes 3 lines that are meant to help you lay out your artwork for best results, and to avoid printing issues. The inner black dotted line represents the "Safe Zone" which is where all important assets of your design should be located, to ensure that they are not too close to the edge or are cut off. The solid gray (middle) line represents the actual label size and shape. The blue (outer) line is the bleed zone. To avoid white around the label's edges, your artwork background should extend to this line.

Artwork Color Mode
Using the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow & key [black]) color mode will provide the most vivid and custom labels. CMYK is a subtractive color model, meaning an ink color is determined by the light wavelengths it absorbs (subtracted) and the wavelengths it reflects (the color you see).

RGB (red, green, blue) is an additive color model, which creates colors from light emitted directly from a source, such as your computer monitor. You will be able to use much brighter colors in the RGB color model, but these colors will become much duller when converted to CMYK for print since paper and ink can only reflect light, not generate it.

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