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July 2018

SKS Bottle carries a growing selection of glass and plastic spice bottles and spice jars. Each line of seasoning containers is available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any kitchen or pantry, and can be purchased with various cap options to fit your style and needs.

Plastic Spice Containers

SKS offers reusable and recyclable PET round spice bottles in a range of sizes. The 8 oz and 10 oz round spice containers are compatible with 53 mm and 63 mm red or black pressure sensitive lined caps (PS113). The PS113 liners, printed with "sealed for freshness", naturally adhere to the spice container mouth after the cap is secured and left for 24 hours. These spice caps feature two opening flaps, one with sifter holes and the other a wider opening for spoon dispensing. The 1 oz round spice jars can be paired with 43 mm red or white unlined caps with optional sifter fitments for either controlled or larger measurements. The 4 oz spice bottles, and 5.75 oz spice bottles are also compatible with unlined caps with or without sifter fitments, as well as 43 mm black or red flapper caps, which feature a single sifter opening and a PS113 liner.SKS also carries numerous specialty shape seasoning jars, including oblong spice containers, square spice bottles, and spice grinders. The 4 oz square bottles can be paired with 38 mm red or black spice caps with pressure sensitive liners. The oblong gripped spice bottles can be purchased with dual opening red or black pressure sensitive lined caps and include an indent in each side, making the seasoning bottle easier to grip when pouring or sifting product. The plastic spice grinders are available in 180 ml and 330 ml sizes and can only be paired with black snap on grinder caps for holding product like peppercorns or sea salt.

Glass Spice Containers

Spices can go stale rapidly, and contact with air is one of the main causes. Glass containers are non-porous and prevent air from coming into contact with products as long as the lid is applied securely. Glass will also not absorb any of the flavor or oils spices can emit, making these containers interchangeable and handy for storing different spices as needed. SKS offers a variety of glass spice bottles and glass spice jars for housing an array of seasoning and dry rub mixtures. The 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz clear glass paragon jars can be paired with black or red spice caps with PS113 liners, and the 100 ml glass spice grinders are compatible with 38 mm easy grip spice grinder caps. They contain a built-in grinding mechanism for granulating coarser or whole spices by twisting the caps left and right. By grinding spices, instead of purchasing them pre-ground, freshness is preserved, and the need for both whole and ground herbs is eliminated, conserving pantry space. Square glass spice bottles can be paired with PE lined silver aluminum caps. They are also compatible with cork stoppers for a high end vintage look. Glass wire bale jars include a hinged lid with a rubber ring, which creates an airtight seal to further preserve product freshness. These wire bale jars could be used to easily measure large amounts of ground spices or to store whole spices.

Packaging Tip

Storing Spice Containers

SKS carries numerous plastic and glass spice containers with pressure sensitive lined spice caps. Pressure sensitive liners adhere to the mouth of the spice container after the cap has been firmly screwed on and left for about 24 hours. The PS113 liners are printed with "sealed for freshness" and help to preserve product shelf life by preventing air and moisture from getting inside the container. Pressure sensitive liners can generally be removed and reapplied, making them ideal for spice packaging and other dry products.

Product of the Month

Clear Glass Round Bottles

Versatile glass boston rounds are available in seven sizes and could be used to house any number of products. Glass is a natural material and does not contain any petroleum based chemicals that can be found in plastic. Glass will also not leach, making it an ideal packaging option for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Paired with stylish cork stoppers, these glass bottles could be used to package an array of ground spices and seasonings.

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