Top 5 Glass Canning Jars with Plastisol Lined Caps

SKS' Top Picks for Canning and Preserving

This harvest season, check out our top 5 choices in glass canning jars with plastisol lined caps! These versatile clear glass jars are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to create a full line of delicious homemade preserves, or an organized pantry in the home. Clear glass is durable, impermeable, and recyclable, making these canning jars a smart choice for your one of a kind creations.

Clear Glass Mason Jars

Glass mason jars take the number one spot for many reasons including their recognizable style, versatility, and durability for long term storage. Buy bulk mason jars and choose your lids separately for competitive wholesale pricing. To purchase in smaller quantities, select from our ready to ship kits and new mason jar farmhouse combo kits.

SKS has partnered with bloggers who have created recipes designed to work perfectly in our clear glass mason jars. Choose from zucchini marmalade and relish, and jalapeno lemon jelly to incorporate local produce or your garden harvest, or create beeswax and lemon mason jar candles as creative gifts or homemade home decor.
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Clear Glass Mayberry Jars

The tall, slender Mayberry style of glass canning jars makes recipes such as tomato sauce, spear pickles, and more easy to preserve and package. A soft-edged square design offers a unique appearance that is durable and compact on store shelves.

In a 750 ml (25.4 oz) capacity, glass Mayberry jars with silver or gold two piece plastisol lined caps could be a great choice when providing multiple servings per jar.

When providing samples of your products, select the 50 ml (1.7 oz) Mayberry jars with white or black one piece plastisol lined caps.
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Glass Canning Jars w/ Lug Caps

These clear glass jars in a straight sided style include a lug finish that is compatible with plastisol lined metal lug caps in black, silver, gold, and red. The short, wide mouth style of these glass canning jars could be effective for salsas and spreads.

Plastisol lined caps provide tamper evidence for customer confidence and a reliable, airtight hermetic seal for long term storage.
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Mayo/Economy Glass Canning Jars

Mayo/Economy style glass jars include rounded shoulders and bases, offering a style reminiscent of old fashioned mayonnaise and spread jars from the past.

These durable glass canning jars are availabile in large 16 oz and 32 oz sizes for canning vegetables, or sauces. To fit your unique canning process, choose one or two piece plastisol lined caps with the glass jars to seal your high quality preserves effectively.
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Square Glass Canning Jars

If you are looking for a more unique look in glass canning jars, SKS offers square glass jars that could possibly be used to package roasted red peppers, pesto, and delicious spreads that are sold in smaller amounts. The sharply styled square sides are smooth for decorating and labeling, providing a distinct appearance.

The short, wide necks are compatible with metal plastisol lined lug caps in gold, black, and silver, offering easy access to the delicious foods packaged within.
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