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Product Spotlight - Colored Plastic Cylinder Bottles

Product Spotlight - Colored Plastic Cylinder Bottles

SKS carries a range of white, amber, blue, green, and black plastic cylinder bottles, paired with various closures. Cylinder bottles offer a slimmer packaging choice for products that could include toiletries, skin care products, hair care products, and much more. Select from the range of colors, sizes, and compatible closures to showcase your products.

Skin Care Packaging

Plastic Cylinder Bottles for Skin Care Packaging

There are a few key features to keep in mind when selecting a line of skin care packaging. Accessibility for easy application, simple and clean storage, and durability provides a higher quality experience for customers. SKS offers a range of white cylinder bottles that cover each of these features for your skin care packaging needs.
Hair Care Packaging

Plastic Cylinder Bottles for Hair Care Packaging

SKS offers white and amber plastic cylinder bottles with dispensing caps to create a cohesive look for hair products, including hair repair products for customers to use at home or hair dyes used in professional salons.
Toiletry Containers

Plastic Cylinder Toiletry Containers

Toiletry containers are available for hotels, spas, and travel bags. Choose from white, amber, green, blue, and black plastic cylinders with various dispensing caps. These plastic cylinders are under 3 oz and fulfill many TSA requirements for easier and convenient traveling.

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