Product Spotlight - Plastic Deodorant Tubes

Deodorant tubes have more potential uses than one might think based on their name. With an assortment of colors, sizes and turning styles, SKS is pleased to provide deodorant tubes that could be used to dispense deodorant, lip balms, and solid skin care products.

Deodorant Packaging

SKS offers popular packaging choices when producing a line of deodorants. Oval deodorant tubes include many features lending to easy filling and smooth application by customers.

Lip Care Products

When packaging lip care products, SKS offers white and natural mini deodorant tubes for a fresh take on products that could include lip balms and moisturizers.

Solid Skin Care Products

White round deodorant tubes provide a wide circular application for products including solid lotion, sunscreen, and more. The durable construction and sleek design offer an overall top packaging choice when creating a line of skin care products.

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