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Product Spotlight - Plastic Deodorant Tubes

Product Spotlight - Plastic Deodorant Tubes

Deodorant tubes have more potential uses than one might think based on their name. With an assortment of colors, sizes and turning styles, SKS is pleased to provide deodorant tubes that could be used to dispense a variety of solid formula based products.

Polypropylene Deodorant Tubes

Polypropylene is a durable plastic and a smart choice for deodorant tubes for many reasons. With a maximum fill temperature of 275°F, the deodorant tubes can be hot filled without compromising their shape and strength. Polypropylene provides a barrier against oil and grease, which is useful when dealing with scented and essential oil infused compounds.

Oval plastic deodorant tubes are available in black, white, natural and silver. The black and silver deodorant tubes can hold 2.65 oz, the white deodorant tubes come in your choice of 2.65 oz and 1.76 oz sizes, and the natural deodorant tubes hold 2.12 oz.
Polypropylene Deodorant Tubes

Each of these colors has a DT2 cap code, which provides further variety when purchasing the containers in bulk. DT2 means deodorant tube size 2, which is a quick and easy way to ensure that containers and caps are compatible when buying in bulk. When browsing bulk deodorant tubes, locating DT2 tubes allows you to incorporate any color deodorant caps in the DT2 size. Pair silver oval deodorant tubes with white and black deodorant caps to distinguish between night and day application, or choose white oval deodorant tubes with silver deodorant caps for a pop of color that ties in with a label or existing product line. The deodorant caps are friction style caps, which have no threading for fluid placement and removal.

For an added layer of protection when packaging with our standard deodorant tubes purchases polypropylene inner dome fitments. These deodorant fitments sit on top of the deodorant under the cap, and embossed with instructions stating: "Twist Up Product To Remove Dome". After twisting up, pull the top tabs to remove the fitment before use. These fitments will match DT2 and DT4 deodorant tubes for smooth purchasing in bulk to match your full line of deodorants.

In a smaller size, SKS has white and natural oval deodorant tubes in a 0.35 oz capacity. This volume could be used for lip balms, cosmetics, sunscreen or sample sized deodorants.

Each of the polypropylene oval deodorant tubes have turn style mechanisms. When filling these deodorant tubes, set the mechanisms so that they are flush with the bases of the tubes, and pour the product in through the top openings. Once the product solidifies, turning the wheel raises the tube's contents for easy application. Be sure to test your filling process with the deodorant tubes you choose to ensure compatibility.

Polystyrene Deodorant Tubes

Our round white deodorant tubes are composed of polystyrene plastic for a sleek packaging option. Polystyrene deodorant tubes have a maximum fill temperature of 158° F, and a high level of stiffness for continual and efficient use of the product.

In a 2.5 oz size, SKS stocks a white polystyrene round deodorant tubes. To fill these tubes, first be sure that the inner base is flush with the bottom of the container, then slowly pour the product in through the top opening. Let the tube sit to solidify and cool. For application, slowly push on the natural base of the container to gradually raise the product.

The 75 gram round plastic deodorant tubes have twist up structures for dispensing and clear disc inserts. Below is a guide on how to fill these deodorant tubes.
Polystyrene Deodorant Tubes

To fill these deodorant tubes:

1. Place the deodorant tubes upside down, with cap and disc inserts in place and the bases off.

2. Fill the tubes with your product from the bottom, up to the plunger (the internal mechanism with three oblong holes that will move the product upward).

3. Next, insert the bases back onto the bottoms and keep the tubes closed until the product has solidified.

4. When ready to dispense, unscrew the caps and remove clear disc inserts and twist the deodorant tubes counterclockwise to raise the product.

Our round styrene plastic deodorant tubes come with compatible white screw on caps. These deodorant caps have threaded closures for secure seals, which are useful while traveling and for storage in gym bags, purses and makeup containers. The round shape and screw caps make these a good packaging option for concealers, balms and solid perfumes.

The use of plastic deodorant tubes within a range of product lines could be just what you are looking for to broaden your brand and customer base. Contact our customer service department for additional information and testing guidelines.

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