Product Spotlight - Deodorant Tubes for Deodorant

Deodorant Tubes for Solid Deodorant

SKS offers popular packaging choices for deodorant lines. Oval deodorant tubes include many features lending to easy filling and smooth application by customers.

Solid Deodorant Packing in Deodorant Tubes

Polypropylene is a smart choice for deodorant tubes. It is a durable plastic with a maximum fill temperature of 275° F, allowing the deodorant tubes to be hot filled without compromising their shape and integrity. Polypropylene also provides barriers against oil and grease, which is useful when dealing with scented and essential oil infused compounds.

Deodorant tubes have DT2 & DT4 cap codes, which helps identify compatible cap sizes for further clarity when purchasing containers in bulk. When purchasing bulk deodorant tubes, any colored deodorant cap within the corresponding cap code can be matched. Pair silver deodorant tubes with white and black deodorant caps to distinguish between night and day application, or choose a preferred color combination that ties in with your branding. These are friction style deodorant caps, which have no threading for fluid placement and removal.

Polypropylene inner dome fitments are a great way to add an extra level of protection when packaging with our standard deodorant tubes. These deodorant fitments sit on top of the deodorant under the cap, and are embossed with instructions stating: "Twist Up Product To Remove Dome." After twisting up, pull the top tabs to remove the fitment before use. These fitments come in sizes compatible with DT2 and DT4 deodorant tubes.

Each polypropylene oval deodorant tube has a turn style mechanism. When filling these deodorant tubes, set the mechanisms so that they are flush with the bases of the tubes, and pour the product in through the top openings. Once the product solidifies, turn the wheel to raise the tube's contents for easy application. Be sure to test your filling process with the deodorant tubes to ensure compatibility.

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