Product Spotlight - Round Deodorant Tubes

Round Deodorant Tubes for Solid Skin Care Products

Round white deodorant tubes provide a wide circular application for skin care products including solid lotions, sunscreens, and more. The durable construction and sleek design offer an overall top packaging choice when creating a line of skin care products.

Solid Skin Care Packaging in Round Deodorant Tubes

Round deodorant tubes with screw on caps make excellent travel sized containers. These screw on caps reduce spillage and unwanted discharge, in comparison to lotion pumps and disc top caps, for secure transportation. Their convenient sizes fit in travel bags, purses, and more allowing products to be applied anywhere on the go.

Our round white deodorant tubes are composed of polystyrene plastic for a sleek packaging option. Polystyrene deodorant tubes have a maximum fill temperature of 158° F and a sturdy structure for continual and efficient use of the product.

The 75 gram round plastic deodorant tubes has twist up structures for dispensing and clear disc inserts. Below is a guide on how to fill these deodorant tubes.

To fill 75 gram round deodorant tubes:
  1. Place the deodorant tube upside down, with cap and disc insert in place and the base off.
  2. Fill the tube with your product from the bottom up to the plunger (the internal mechanism with three oblong holes that will move the product upward).
  3. Insert the base back onto the bottom and keep the tube closed until the product has solidified.
  4. When ready to dispense, unscrew the cap and remove the clear disc insert. Twist the deodorant tube counterclockwise to raise the product.

SKS stocks white polystyrene round deodorant tubes in a 2.5 oz size. To fill these tubes, be sure that the inner base is flush with the bottom of the container, then slowly pour the product in through the top opening. Let the tube sit to solidify and cool. For application, slowly push on the natural base of the container to gradually raise the product.

Plastic deodorant tubes have many a wide range of uses and can be a great way to broaden or expand your product line. Be sure to test your solid skin care products with the deodorant tubes of your choice to ensure complete compatibility.

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