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A Year in Review: 2013 New Product Highlights

January 2014

Every year SKS brings in new products to continue to fill the ever-growing catalog with high quality packaging across all industries. In 2013 SKS added over 160 stocked bulk items to the web! As it is every year, this was done to further please our customers, and continue to diversify and expand SKS' repertoire. Offering more options, in more sizes, and more materials, is done with our customers wants and needs in mind. We are currently running a promotion on select new products for a limited time, visit our promotions page for more details.

Let's take a minute to highlight a few of the many amazing new products of 2013!

White HDPE/LDPE Tubes

In May, SKS Bottle and Packaging added the white LDPE/HDPE tubes with matching white flip top caps! These open tubes are made from a blended resin. The combination of 70% LDPE and 30% HDPE makes the tube squeezable, which allows the product to be easily dispensed. Making these tubes a good option for packaging lotion, body wash, hair product and much more!

Mini Trigger Sprayers

The new white and black mini trigger sprayers are offered in a variety of dip tube lengths to fit most any 24/410 bottle SKS stocks. All of the mini trigger sprayers have an output of 0.2 cc (210 MCL). They also have a valve engine, which can uniquely handle products with a higher viscosity, such as lotions and gels. Perhaps most importantly, they have an attention grabbing look! They are modern, clean, professional and high end. Browse the selection of kits we offer with both the black and white mini trigger sprayers or learn more about them by clickinghere.

Candle Jars

SKS added a variety of candle jars to the collection this year. Round, square, short, tall, candle jars with lids, candle jars without lids, frosted, clear, etc. A variation was added to suit most any candle packaging need! Have yet to see the candle jar options SKS offers? With so many options any customer is sure to find just what they are looking for!

Deep Lug Caps

2013 brought with it brand new silver and gold deep lug caps! These 70/2035 caps are about 15 mm high versus the standard lug cap which is about 10 mm high. They are compatible with the16.5 oz clear glass wide mouth jars. Both caps feature a button on top that will pop once the tamper evident hermetic seal has been broken. Order a sample of these caps today and test them with your product!

White HDPE Boston Rounds

Last but not least are the new HDPE boston rounds. Offered in 1/2, 2, 4 and 8 oz sizes, these white HDPE boston rounds can be easily paired with an assortment of closures. Click below to browse the selection of kits SKS matched each bottle with. Bear in mind, HDPE is harder, stronger and heavier than LDPE and PE. It offers good resistance to chemicals, which is why it is commonly used to package many household and industrial cleaning products. Try the white HDPE boston rounds with pumps, sprayers, disc top caps and much more!

Packaging Tip

Glass French Square Bottles

Packaging is an area that is far more versatile than most think. Try using our bottles and jars around the home for organizational and storage containers. For example, our clear glass French Square Bottles can be used to neatly, creatively and conveniently organize your kitchen or pantry. Use the 2 oz or 4 oz sizes with cork stoppers to organize and display your spices and herbs. The 16 oz with black phenolic caps could be a unique way to conveniently store foods such as grains or oats. Add a personal touch by painting a chalkboard label onto these bottles to create a label that can be easily changed or print out custom labels. Presenting everyday items in a clever or different way gives your home a personal touch.

Product of the Month

Pneumatic Tube Sealer

Once you place your order for SKS' new white LDPE/HDPE tubes check out the new Pneumatic Tube Sealer ! The TP-30 is capable of sealing up to 3,000 tubes per hour. With many available control options, such as seal heating and cooling temperatures, air pressure regulation, and jaw pressure, customizing for different tube sizes and applications is easy and simple. Streamline your process with the TP-30!

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