Product Spotlight - Colored Boston Round Bottles

PET boston round bottles are available in a range of colors and sizes for creating a dynamic product line in a wide selection of industries. Boston round bottles offer durable construction, easy labeling and silkscreening for customization, and compatibility with a variety of dispensing closures.

White & Black Boston Round Bottles

Black and white boston round bottles offer an opaque packaging option for product lines that could include body care products, cosmetics, hair care products, and much more. From 1 oz to 16 oz sizes, these plastic bottles are available in clean, crisp white and bold black colors, and provide highly versatile cap options with matching fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps, disc top caps, and more.

Blue & Purple Boston Round Bottles

Blue and purple boston round bottles provide a brightly toned packaging option for a range of products. Boston round bottles feature an ample labeling area in any size container, as well as high durability and versatility. These blue and purple boston round bottles can be a top choice when packaging body care products, hair supplies, and more when paired with disc top caps, fine mist sprayers, and lotion pumps.

Amber & Green Boston Round Bottles

Amber and green PET boston round bottles can be used to package an extensive range of products, such as beard care products, all-natural skincare, and much more. Choose these boston round bottles with dispensing caps, including disc top caps, lotion pumps, and fine mist sprayers, in various colors to create a dynamic product line.

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