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Amber & Green Boston Round Bottles

Amber & Green Boston Round Bottles

Brightly colored amber and green PET boston round bottles can be used to package an extensive range of products, including beard care products, all-natural skincare, and much more. Choose these colored boston round bottles with dispensing caps, including disc top caps, lotion pumps, and fine mist sprayers, in various colors to create a dynamic and eye catching product line.

PET boston round bottles are available in semi-transparent amber and green colors in a range of sizes, including sample and on-the-go travel sizes to sizes for full volumes of products. The durability of PET plastic bottles allows these boston round bottles to be used in many different environments, including fast paced salons, busy spas, and more. Amber boston round bottles paired with white or black closures offer different style options or ways to distinguish between products offered. Choose amber boston round bottles with white, black, or gold disc top caps, which can be used with a range of viscous products, from beard oil to sunscreen.

Amber Boston Round Bottles

Green boston round bottles matched with white, black, and gold disc top caps provide a dispensing packaging option when no dip tube is needed. Both amber and green boston round bottles offer UV protection for light-sensitive ingredients to help maintain the quality of products. PET plastic is also highly resistant to acid, grease, oil, cold, and heat. These plastic bottles are durable, making them a top choice for a wide selection of industries.

Green Boston Round Bottles

With the variety of fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps, and mini trigger sprayers, amber and green boston round bottles can dispense thin to thick viscosities for a full line of products. For security and clean storage, these dispensing caps include either a locking mechanism or clear styrene hood. Be sure to test these vibrantly colored boston round plastic bottles with your products to ensure compatibility.

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