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Product Spotlight - Plastic Lip Balm Tubes

Product Spotlight - Plastic Lip Balm Tubes

Plastic lip balm tubes can be integrated into many product lines. The most popular uses tend to be for lip and face care products and cosmetics. SKS carries an expansive variety of lip balm tubes, allowing you to find a selection that complements your product line and application needs.

Lip Balm Tube Construction

All of the plastic lip balm tubes that SKS carries are composed of polypropylene plastic and are compatible with available friction caps. Polypropylene is ideal for lip balm tubes due to its resistance to substantial moisture, acid, grease, oil and heat. It is also a highly durable material that allows your container to withstand regular use and application without breaking. The maximum temperature of polypropylene is 275° F with high stiffness during filling and after cooling.

Rather than the threaded lids that are compatible with most of the bottles and jars throughout the SKS inventory, our lip balm tubes come with friction fit caps which are sized to slide onto the lip balm tubes and rest in place on a small edge molded into the lip balm tubes.

Products filled in our lip balm tubes are dispensed by a turning wheel at the base of the tubes. This wheel is attached to a stabilizing rod and platform within the lip balm tube. The platform rises in a smooth upward motion as the wheel is turned clockwise, and retracts when the wheel is turned counterclockwise.

Round and Oval Lip Balm Tubes

Round Lip Balm Tubes
Round lip balm tubes are available in various sizes and styles with three color choices: natural, white, and black. The standard size of a lip balm tube is .15 oz. In the .15 oz size we offer white, black, natural tubes, and silver with a selection of plastic caps. For variation in cap colors to match flavors or scents, choose white or natural lip balm tubes with assorted colors.

The black and silver lip balm tubes can also pair with these colorful caps. All you need to do is purchase the .15 oz black or silver lip balm tubes in bulk and then the choose the colored caps.

Slim Line Lip Balm Tubes
Slim line round lip balm tubes feature a tall, slender design and hold .07 oz of product. The slim line lip balm tubes are available in natural, white and black colors with matching caps. Slim line lip balm tubes are useful for products that need to be applied with precision, such as under the eye concealers and lip liners.

Also available in .07 oz are the slant top lip balm tubes. With turning mechanisms located in the center of the tube walls rather than on their bottoms, these slant top lip balm tubes provide easy one handed application.
Round Lip Balm Tubes
For a larger size in white and black round lip balm tubes, there is a .50 oz option with matching caps. The larger capacity tubes have the same features as the standard lip balm tubes, but with more product per tube! This is great for products including cosmetic highlighters, sunscreens and more.

For a twist on the standard lip balm tubes, choose the .20 oz white lip balm tubes. These .20 oz plastic lip balm tubes have a light EDM finish, creating a subtle matte appearance and texture. The compatible white lip balm caps close at the bottoms of the lip balm tubes for a sleek appearance while closed or opened. Don't forget .15 oz oval lip balm tubes in white, natural and black! Their oval shapes provide front and back labeling areas, with slight differences in dispensing method and style compared to the standard .15 oz tubes.

Lip Balm Tube Filling Trays and Spatulas

Lip Balm Tube Filling Trays and Spatulas
Lip balm filling trays are available for many of our lip balm tube styles, to assist in the production process. The lip balm filling trays are composed of HDPE plastic, which is compatible with various ingredients and has a maximum filling temperature of 140° F.

Be sure to watch our video on how to use lip balm filling trays. SKS suggests fully testing all lip balm formulas during the filling, application and storage stages for full compatibility.

Choosing the correct lip balm filling tray is important. Lip balm trays are compatible with specific sizes and shapes of lip balm tubes. We have four lip balm filling trays:
There are several ways to purchase these accessories. We offer a full package which includes a set of the lip balm filling trays, 24 lip balm tubes, and a scraper so you can get started on filling your product right away. We also sell cases of 12 filling trays and 12 spatulas per case for larger production runs. If desired, you may also purchase the spatulas separately.

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