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Product Spotlight - Hinge Top Containers

Product Spotlight - Hinge Top Containers

SKS carries various styles of hinge top containers, composed from polypropylene and LDPE, that can serve many purposes. Browse the range of containers offered to find the most option for your needs.

Child Resistant Hinge Top Vials

Child Resistant Hinge Top VialsVial Features:
  • Child Resistant
  • Polypropylene: good impact resistance & moisture barriers
  • Opaque & semi-transparent options
  • Available in 13, 19 & 30 dram sizes

Child resistant vials are available in five colors to meet both your packaging requirements and design preference. Choose from natural and red hinge top vials in semi-transparent or opaque white, black, and green vials which offer UV barriers. The child resistant tops will 'pop' open by gently squeezing both sides of the container near the top simultaneously. To close, simply snap closed. With a variety of colors to choose from and the child resistant feature, these hinge top vials are ideal to use for pharmaceuticals, medicinal remedies, and more.

Hinge Top Pill Pods

Hinge Top Pill PodsPill Pod Features:
  • Compact size
  • LDPE: durable, high resistance to acids, alcohols & oils
  • Opaque & semi-transparent options

LDPE hinge top pill pods are a shorter style container available in various sizes and colors to provide versatility and durability. Natural hinge pill pods are semi-transparent and come in 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz sizes. White, black, and green opaque hinge top pill pods have varying capacity choices to fit your needs. Small tabs assist in easy opening and closing of the pods, and compatible shrink bands allow for a tamper proof seal.

Natural Hinge Top Vials

Natural Hinge Top VialsVial Features:
  • Polypropylene: durable material, good moisture barrier
  • Large product line with many shapes and sizes
  • Secure closure

SKS stocks natural polypropylene hinge top vials in sizes ranging from .05 oz to 4.34 oz sizes. Wide mouth natural hinge top vials provide a packaging option for products lines containing glitter, beads, and a variety of other crafting supplies. The attached lid features a tab to assist in opening and closing, and also offers space to add labels for branding. Options for tall, slim vials include natural polypropylene hinge top vials in 1 1/2 oz, 2 oz, and 2 1/2 oz sizes. Lastly, natural polypropylene round micro vials with hinge top caps are available in capacities of .924 ml and 2.773 ml, and could be useful for laboratory sampling.

Natural Hinge Top Vials Vial Features:
  • Tamper evident
  • Fill line
  • Lock tab

SKS carries tamper evident hinge top vials ideal for laboratory work. The natural plastic vials come sealed with a tamper evident closure ensuring the interior has not been contaminated. The container can be secured with a tamper evident seal again after fill. This is done by first pushing the lock tab into place, then tearing off the plastic threading and pulling that through the lock tab all the way until the gap in the threading is secured. These tamper evident plastic vials have a 100 ml capacity with an E.P.A. fill line at the 100 ml volume. This provides a guideline for precise filling each time.

Natural Hinge Top Vials
    Vial Features:
  • Polypropylene: durable, good moisture barrier
  • Graduation markings

These natural hinge top vials come in three convenient sizes. Select between 2.5 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz in a low profile style. These hinge top vials include small tabs for easy opening and frosted tops paired with semi transparent smooth sides for product visibility. The 4 oz and 8 oz offer molded graduations in oz and ml units for easy and accurate fill. Pharmaceuticals benefit greatly from the use of hinge top vials with molded graduations for improved measurements in dosing, accurate product mixing, and more.

Natural Hinge Top VialsVial Features:
  • Polypropylene: good impact resistance & moisture barriers
  • Graduation markings

Choose from natural polypropylene plastic vials in three sizes with secure hinge lids and molded tabs for easy opening. Measurements are molded on the sides of the 3 and 4 oz size vials, and the 4 oz size has an E.P.A fill line at the 100 ml mark. 1/2 oz hinge top vials are available in two styles with slight design differences to best fit your needs. The shorter plastic vial features a large tab for opening and a wider diameter, while the taller is slimmer with molded measurements up to 12 ml shown in increments of 0.5 ml. Both styles are compatible with shrink bands, to create an outer seal which prevents the contents from being tampered with.

Hinge top containers are great to package products for storage or sale to customers. Be sure to test your packaging to ensure full compatibility.

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