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CBD & Hemp Hinge Top Containers

When packaging CBD products, like hemp seeds and hemp protein powders, consider SKS' range of convenient and durable hinge top containers.

Hinge Top Containers for CBD Hemp Products

Hemp seeds offer a variety of health benefits and have recently gained more popularity. Hinge top containers can be used as a dynamic, on-the-go vial for packaging hemp seeds to be added to salads, yogurts, and other foods. Choose opaque white, black, or green for UV protection, or semi-translucent natural and red . All colors are child resistant.

The vial openings allow for easy pouring, and the tall, smooth sides offer a large label panel for custom branding. The vial lids are embossed with opening instructions, and the sides feature a double-sided arrow, directing where to squeeze on the hinge top vials to open.

  • Benefits of Polypropylene for Hinge Top Containers:
  • Strong moisture barriers
  • Highly durable
  • FDA approved and BPA free

Hemp protein powders can also be added to raw foods and drinks, or used while baking and cooking to enrich meals. SKS offers natural hinge top vials in a range of sizes from tall and slender styles to round and flat options. The powder hinge top vials include a small tab for easy opening and closing, as well as wide openings for pouring hemp protein powder onto food or into mixing bowls.

SKS also carries 100 ml natural polypropylene tamper evident hinge top vials. The hinge top lid includes a tab that locks into place when sealed and a tamper evident ring that tears when the container is first opened.

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