Product Spotlight - OTC Hinge Top Containers

Hinge Top Containers for Wellness Remedies

SKS offers various LDPE and polypropylene hinge top containers in a large range of sizes and styles, for packaging OTC remedies, supplements, vitamins, and more.

Wellness Remedies in Hinge Top Containers

White, natural, black, or green hinge top pill pods are great for packaging small doses of pills. Pill pods feature wide openings for easy access and small tabs assist in easy opening and closing of the pods.

  • Pill Pod Features:
  • Compact size
  • High resistance to acids, alcohols & oils
  • Opaque & semi-transparent options

For an added layer of security when selling in pharmacies and wellness stores, many of these hinge top containers can include compatible shrink bands. Shrink bands are applied easily and quickly to provide an outer tamper evident seal on the containers. SKS offers a convenient, all-in-one heat gun set for easy application. For more information about shrink bands and how they can be a smart purchasing choice, read our shrink band product spotlight.

Polypropylene hinge top vials include features, like small tabs to assist with opening, as well as graduation marks for measuring and dispensing liquid or powder supplements, for packaging a range of wellness products. Natural polypropylene hinge top vials are available in various styles to fit your overall product line.

These hinge top containers offer easy consuming while on-the-go and are a top choice for wellness product samples and single dose packaging. Be sure to test your products for complete compatibility.

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