Product Spotlight - Dropper Tip Caps & Plugs

Dropper tip caps and plugs are an effective pair when packaging a variety of liquid products and can be used with plastic bottles in many different shapes and sizes.

Vape Packaging

Vaping is a growing industry that has increased the need for durable packaging that also follows standards and regulations. SKS offers a range of dropper tip plugs for controlled dispensing, as well as matching child resistant and tamper evident dropper tip caps, paired with natural LDPE bottles for packaging a full line of E-liquids, smokeless tobacco, CBD vape products, and more.

OTC Pharmaceutical Packaging

SKS offers a range of dropper tip plugs, dropper tip caps, and LDPE dropper bottles for packaging over the counter pharmaceutical products that could include eye drops, nasal sprays, and more. Choose from a selection of sizes and dispensing volumes to match the application needed. All options provided by SKS are durable and composed of FDA approved and BPA free materials.

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