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Product Spotlight - Dropper Tip Caps & Plugs

Product Spotlight - Dropper Tip Caps & Plugs

Dropper tip caps and plugs are an effective pair to package a variety of products and can be used with plastic bottles in many different shapes and sizes.

Dropper Tip Caps

Pair dropper tip caps and plugs with small squeezable bottles to properly package and dispense a variety of liquids. These caps are widely constructed of Polypropylene plastic due to its durability and chemical resistance. Dropper tip caps have a unique shape that allows them to be screwed into place and still provide the dropper tip plugs enough space to rest within the bottle neck. The dropper tip caps have a ribbed finish to provide an easy grip when opening and closing the small plastic bottles. Available in white or natural, these unlined dropper tip caps are compatible with plastic bottles of the same neck finish. To locate the correct plastic bottles, just click the bottle image in the Add-ons column. The Add-ons menu provides one-stop shopping for packaging components, from containers to closures, and more!

Dropper Tip CapsTo brighten up your packaging or to clearly distinguish between flavors or scents, choose the child resistant dropper tip caps in various colors. The child resistant dropper tip caps screw securely into place and can be opened by simply turning the caps while pressing down.
Dropper Tip Caps

These child resistant dropper tip caps could be the compliant packaging option you are looking for when producing E-liquids, flavorings and more. For added features, choose ribbed white or black unlined dropper tip caps that are also child resistant and tamper evident. The white and black child resistant and tamper evident dropper tip caps are compatible with 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml natural LDPE tamper evident dropper bottles.

The dropper bottles have rings on their necks that allow the tamper evident rings of the dropper tip caps to properly secure the caps once they have been screwed into place. Upon opening the tamper evident dropper bottles, the rings remain on the bottles, showing that they were not previously opened.

Dropper Tip Plugs

Composed of LDPE plastic, dropper tip plugs are a useful dispensing option when applications require small amounts of product to be dispensed in a controlled fashion. LDPE has very high resistance to acids, bases, esters, greases, and oils, while maintaining effective moisture barriers. Along with the very flexible and durable nature of LDPE, these useful characteristics make LDPE a wise choice when creating dropper tip plugs. When choosing dropper tip plugs, be sure to confirm a match of the cap code listed with the plastic bottles you would like to use. Many plastic bottles may have a neck finish size that could work with the dropper tip plugs, but dropper bottles and select plastic bottles include specialized necks that allow the dropper tip plugs to be placed correctly and stay in place during application and storage.

Dropper Tip PlugsControlled dropper tip plugs offer a feature in their mold designs that allow only precise amounts of liquids to be dispensed with each squeeze. Natural or white controlled dropper tip plugs with rounded tops are available in three sizes. The 8 mm size dispenses 42 uL per drop, while the 13 mm and 15 mm sizes dispense 40 uL per drop. 15 mm dropper tip plugs with thin tips dispense 40 uL per drop. The thin tip dropper plugs have the same applications as the rounded tips, but with a smaller surface area for the droplets.

Dropper Tip PlugsStreaming dropper tip plugs create a small, well-defined stream of product as the dropper bottles are squeezed. Natural LDPE streaming dropper plugs with rounded tops are available in three sizes. The 15 mm plugs have .070 mm holes, and the 18 mm and 20 mm sizes have .062 holes in the center of their rounded tips. In the streaming dropper plug style, there are also 13 mm thin tip styles with .5 mm holes. The thin tip dropper plugs are compatible with tamper evident dropper bottles and white or black child resistant tamper evident dropper tip caps to make a complete set.

When plastic bottles are paired with dropper tip plugs and dropper tip caps, dispensing an array of products can be easy and accurate for your customers. SKS suggests testing to ensure complete compatibility and functionality. Be sure to contact our helpful customer service team for any questions you may have!

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