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Product Spotlight - Dropper Tip Caps & Plugs

Product Spotlight - Dropper Tip Caps & Plugs

Dropper Plugs and Dropper Caps for Vaping

Vaping is a growing industry that has increased the need for durable packaging that also follows standards and regulations. SKS offers a range of dropper tip plugs for controlled dispensing, as well as matching child resistant and tamper evident dropper tip caps, paired with natural LDPE bottles for packaging a full line of E-liquids, smokeless tobacco, CBD vape products, and more.

Vape Packaging with Dropper Tip Plugs & Dropper Caps

Dropper tip plugs are composed of LDPE plastic and are a useful dispensing option when applications require small, controlled amounts of product are needed. LDPE has very high resistance to acids, bases, esters, greases, and oils, while also maintaining effective moisture barriers. Controlled dropper tip plugs are designed to dispense 40 uL of liquid with each squeeze. Streaming dropper tip plugs create a small stream of the product as the dropper bottles are squeezed.

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  • Vaping Dropper Tip Plugs & Caps:
  • Controlled Thin Tip Dropper Plugs
  • Streaming Thin Tip Dropper Plugs
  • White Tamper Evident Child Resistant Caps
  • Black Tamper Evident Child Resistant Caps

Child resistant tamper evident caps fit on top of LDPE bottles after the controlled or streaming dropper plugs have been inserted. These plastic caps are composed of polypropylene and feature ribbed sides for an easy grip when opening and closing. The LDPE dropper bottles include a lip on their necks that allows the tamper evident rings to be properly secured when the dropper tip caps have been screwed into place. Upon opening the tamper evident dropper bottles, the rings tear off, indicating whether the product has been previously opened. Be sure to test these dropper tip plugs and caps with your products to ensure compatibility.

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