Choosing the Right Gloves

Not sure which glove is right for you? We're here to help. Use the following information to help choose the best disposable gloves for your needs.

Barrier Protection

Wearing disposable gloves helps keep you and your products safe, clean and uncontaminated. A snug (but not too snug!) fit will be most comfortable and protect you best. Select a glove material based on the level of protection needed for your application. For example, when working in a high-risk environment where you may be in contact with hazardous substances, wear latex, nitrile or polyurethane exam gloves. Vinyl exam gloves are suitable for less critical situations.

Fit & Comfort

Our exam gloves should fit you well and feel comfortable. Latex has a high level of elasticity and memory, so gloves made from this material tend to fit the user hands very well. Nitrile gloves vary in softness and flexibility. Some are comfortable and with a snug fit, whereas others are stiff and less pliable. Polyurethane gloves are soft, flexible and exert virtually no strain on the user hands. Vinyl gloves usually have a loose fit, but are soft and comfortable.

Allergy Concerns

Do you or your co-workers have latex allergies? Perhaps you work in a latex free environment. Latex allergies have become a concern in many industries, particularly in healthcare. If you are sensitive to latex, it is best to avoid latex products altogether and use only non-latex exam gloves, such as polyurethane, nitrile and vinyl. If you choose to use latex gloves, you should only use powder free latex gloves with reduced protein content.

Glove Material Properties

Use the chart below as a general reference to compare the characteristics of different disposable glove materials. Be sure to test your products for compatibility and proceed with caution when choosing gloves for your tasks.

  Latex Vinyl Nitrile
Barrier Protection Excellent Fair to Poor Excellent
Strength & Durability Excellent Poor Excellent
Elasticity Excellent Poor Good
Puncture Resistance Good Poor Excellent
Chemical Resistance Good Poor Excellent
Fit & Comfort Excellent Fair Good
Protein Allergy Depends on gloves
& manufacturer
None None
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