Disposable Gloves By Industry

There are many industries in which disposable gloves are used, from healthcare to food service. Gloves are used to maintain everyone's health and safety. Let's take a look at some of the many industries our disposable gloves could be used for:

Laboratory Gloves

We have an extensive selection of disposable gloves suitable for scientific and clinical lab applications. They are designed to handle lab instruments and equipment for research, testing, and to protect lab professionals. Some Adenna powder-free gloves feature a special textured surface to provide excellent grip in both wet and dry situations.
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Medical Gloves

Exam gloves are widely used in all areas of the medical field, including acute care hospitals, physician offices, clinics, home healthcare, dentist offices, and emergency services Adenna exam gloves are manufactured to the highest quality standards in compliance with the U.S., FDA, ADA and ASTM requirements. You are certain to find the right type of exam glove to suit your individual needs and budget.
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Food Industry Gloves

Adenna exam gloves are manufactured in accordance to the FDA specifications and USDA guidelines for food handling, processing and preparations. Adenna gloves are safe for handling poultry, processing meat, picking fruits, and many other applications with cooked and uncooked food. Using a medical grade exam glove, which has a lower pinhole level, rather than industrial grade or general-purpose glove, helps to better minimize cross-contamination between workers and food.
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Household Cleaning Gloves

Disposable gloves are suitable for all kinds of cleaning jobs in hotels, motels, commercial offices and buildings. They are also handy for all types of light and heavy jobs at home, such as painting, cleaning, gardening, repairing, baby care, etc. They help protect hands from dust, dirt, paint, soil, grease, and other contaminants.
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Other Glove Uses

Our disposable gloves could be ideal for workers in a variety of other fields such as mechanics, law enforcement officials, manufacturers, estheticians, tattoo artists, hair stylists, salon operators and more. Be sure to browse our other informational pages to choose the best disposable gloves for your needs!
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