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November 2021

Homemade Body Care Packaging

SKS has a unique selection of metal, glass, paperboard, and plastic containers suitable for various body care products. Choose from a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and closures to suit your needs. Our extensive collection of bottles and jars provides the perfect packaging solution for any body care line!
Body Care Packaging
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Packaging Tip

Dropper tip plugs are great for dispensing liquids when a controlled amount of product is needed, like with eye drops, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and more. SKS also offers thin tip dropper plugs that feature a narrow opening for dispensing in a stream. Pair durable polypropylene, tamper-evident, child-resistant dropper caps with dropper tips for an added layer of product security. Dropper tip caps and plugs can be paired with a variety of plastic bottles in different shapes and sizes. Dropper bottles feature specialized necks that allow the dropper tip plugs to be inserted correctly and stay in place during application and storage.

Product of the Month

Amber PET slim line cylinder bottles are available in a compact 1 oz size. These amber plastic bottles come with the choice of treatment pumps or fine mist sprayers. The black and white treatment pumps have an output of .25 cc and feature a locking mechanism. The natural treatment pumps dispense 190 MCL per pump and include clear overcaps. The black polypropylene fine mist sprayers with hoods are offered in both a ribbed and smooth option. These slim amber bottles could be used to package a variety of products in small volumes, including serum, lotion, setting spray, and more.

Featured Recipes

Neem Oil & Tea Tree Foot Scrub Recipe
Try this Neem Oil & Tea Tree Foot Scrub recipe from Soap Deli News to exfoliate and moisturize feet all year long. Use our 16 oz amber PET straight sided jars with smooth black plastic lined caps to house this DIY foot care recipe.
  • 2.4 oz dead sea salt - natural exfoliant that aids in cleansing and detoxifying the skin
  • 6.5 oz pumice powder - a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and clean pores
  • 3.6 oz Epsom salt - exfoliant with anti-inflammatory properties to prevent irritation
  • .3 oz kaolin clay - oil absorbing exfoliant
  • 2.5 oz safflower oil - moisturizes skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • 2.5 oz hemp seed oil - moisturizes without clogging pores
  • .5 oz neem oil - fights odor-causing bacteria and is naturally antibacterial
  • 4 ml tea tree oil - helps prevent bacterial growth
  • 2 ml lavender essential oil - cleanses and soothes the skin
Follow the recipe here.
Ranging in size from 1/2 oz to 16 oz, amber PET straight sided jars are available with smooth black plastic lined caps. The PET plastic jar features moisture and UV barriers to assist with product preservation when stored. The liners paired with these jars are composed of a compressible PE foam that creates a stable seal. PE liners provide good resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohol, oil, household cosmetics, and aqueous products. These jars could be great for packaging body scrubs, bath salts, cosmetic creams, and more.
Shop Amber PET Straight Sided Jars with Black Smooth Plastic Lined Caps
More Packaging Options for this Recipe
Arnica Pain Relief Salve Recipe
This Arnica Pain Relief Salve recipe from the Soap Deli News blog can serve as an excellent alternative for natural pain relief. This salve helps with muscle pain and inflammation and can be stored in our 2 oz amber glass straight sided jars with black phenolic PV lined caps.
  • .75 oz arnica herbal oil - reduces inflammation by helping to boost circulation
  • .5 oz baobab oil - natural anti-inflammatory
  • .5 oz beeswax - helps to protect and insulate skin, as well as moisturize without feeling greasy
  • .25 oz refined shea butter - boosts skin moisture
  • 20 drops fresh ginger essential oil - soothes aches, warms skin, and reduces inflammation
  • 10 drops chili seed essential oil - gently warms skin to soothe overworked muscles
  • 12 drops 5-fold orange essential oil - gives salve light and citrusy scent
Follow the recipe here.
Amber glass straight sided jars with black phenolic PV lined caps are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Amber glass can filter UV rays, protecting light-sensitive products from their potentially harmful effects. The PV lined caps paired with these glass jars offer excellent chemical resistance to solvents, alcohol, oil, and water-based products. Amber glass jars may be a good choice for packaging several body care products.
Shop Amber Glass Straight Sided Jars with Black Phenolic Lined Caps
More Packaging Options for this Recipe
Magnesium Body Butter Recipe
Try this Magnesium Body Butter recipe from Soap Deli News for a natural moisturizer. This homemade body butter can be housed in our 8 oz amber PET heavy wall jars with black smooth plastic lined caps.
  • 2 oz cupuacu butter - emollient that restores elasticity to the skin while providing anti-oxidants and hydration
  • 1 oz refined shea butter - boosts moisture and softens skin
  • 1 oz roasted cocoa butter - hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • 1.5 oz babassu oil - contains restorative oils to heal rashes and reduce cellular damage caused by harmful chemicals
  • .5 oz emulsifying wax - binds the oils, butters and water used in the recipe together
  • .5 oz arnica herbal oil - relieves muscular aches, joint pain and arthritis
  • .2 oz cera bellina wax - gives the final formulation additional slip for massage purposes
  • 1 oz magnesium flakes - helps soothe dry skin and improves circulation
  • .5 oz rosewater or rose hydrosol - provides light moisture and cooling hydration
  • 5-10 drops vitamin E oil - reduces skin dryness
  • 30 drops ginger essential oil - warms skin to naturally relax muscles
  • 40 drops blood orange essential oil - gives body butter a citrus scent
  • 6 drops amyris essential oil - helps improve the texture of skin
Follow the recipe here.
Amber PET heavy wall jars are available in three convenient sizes, including 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz. The smooth black caps paired with these amber jars are polypropylene plastic and include polyethylene foam liners. PET plastic jars are impact-resistant and lightweight, making them a good alternative to glass. These amber heavy wall jars could be just what you are looking for to package lotion, balm, or face masks.
Shop Amber PET Heavy Wall Jars with Black Smooth Plastic Lined Caps
More Packaging Options for this Recipe

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