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New Products from 2014

March 2015

In 2014 SKS brought in around 150 new bulk stock items to the ever-expanding online catalog! Visit our new products page to browse all the new products added through out the year. Let us take a look at some of the new products SKS has to offer.

Beverage Bottles

In June SKS added three new sizes of glass beverage bottles. The 16 oz and 24 oz glass bottles both feature a lug finish making them compatible with 38/2030 white and gold metal plastisol lined caps. The plastisol liner creates a hermetic seal on the bottle, making it tamper evident and ideal for housing beverage and food products. The 10 oz glass bottle has a continuous thread finish and can be paired with 38/400 white, black or silver PE lined caps. PE liners are a good option when looking for liquid packaging. Making these glass bottles an excellent beverage packaging solution for products like; juice, ice tea, milk, and much more! All three sizes could be a great option to bottle bbq sauce, salad dressings, marinades and other food products.

Colored Child Resistant Dropper Caps

SKS Bottle and Packaging added a variety of colored child resistant dropper caps this year! These 15/415 polypro dropper caps are available in white, black, orange, blue, green, red and yellow. The colorful caps are compatible with SKS' stocked 1/2 ozLDPE boston round bottlesand 15 mm controlled and streaming dropper tips. When paired with any of the compatible bottles SKS stocks, this child resistant container could be ideal for packaging liquid food products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Color caps make it easy to categorize products or flavors. Try using the red caps to package red food coloring or cherry flavored liquid products. The bright colors and child resistant feature made this industry leading closure an easy choice for a favorite SKS 2014 new product.

Bar Top Bottles

In 2014 SKS added a 375 ml and a 750 ml glass bottle. These clear glass bar top bottles feature a cork finish, making them a great option for pairing with cork stoppers, or SKS' variety of newbar top corks! Opt for the black plastic ribbed bar top cork for a more modern look, or the wood bar top cork for a more traditional look. Either way, these unique bottles are sure to stand out on the shelves. Both sizes could be used to hold a range of products from liquor to syrup. Place an order today to try them with your product!

Thick Wall Glass Cosmetic Jars

Durable packaging is especially important in the cosmetic industry. Packaging make-up in a product like SKS' thick wall cosmetic jars is a great option. From eye creams to powder foundations the stocked 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz and 2.3 oz glass jars can suit a variety of cosmetic packaging needs. These small jars are offered in large bulk quantities or small kits with a range ofcap options. These thick wall jars could be an optimal choice for packaging lip balms, eye shadows, lotions or sample products. Place an order for these jars today!

Inverted PET Oval Bottles

In 2014 SKS introduced inverted PET bottles! These inverted PET oval bottles are available in 12 oz and 18 oz sizes. Both sizes are compatible with SKS' stocked 38/400 white, black, yellow, or red ribbed snap-top caps with peelable liners. The inverted shape paired with the PET material makes this bottle squeezable. The inverted oval features a large opening for easily filling product, making this bottle a great option for packaging condiments, honey or dressings. This unique inverted shape allows for the bottle to sit upside down, it will surely set your product apart!

Packaging Tip

Shrink Bands

Want to make your product tamper evident without the large costs of heat induction? SKS has PVC shrink bands in many different sizes that are compatible with the large inventory of products SKS offers. These 2 ml thick bands have a perforation that makes for easy removal. To apply the shrink bands simply use a heat gun or hair dryer to make the band adhere to the bottle, jar, tube or tin. SKS offers these tamper evident bands in clear, black, matte black, red, white, green, gold and clear printed shrink bands. Make your product stand out with a colored shrink band!

Product of the Month

Purple PET Straight-Sided Jars

Make your product stand out with some color! SKS added new purple PET straight-sided jars in a variety of sizes; 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz. These purple plastic jars are compatible with SKS' stocked black polypro smooth and dome-lined caps, or silver aluminum caps. PET jars are lightweight and durable which makes these jars a great packaging option for cosmetics, creams, lotions, face washes, or other bath and body products. This bright purple color will certainly help make your product stand out on the shelves!

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