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10 Favorite New Products of 2012

March 2013

Custom Labels

At SKS we recognize how important it is to customize your products packaging. Selecting the packaging is a big part, but it's just one part. Labeling is an important part of the process of developing your product and brand. With thenew label sizes and shapeswe brought in this year, you can select your product packaging as well as design and order labels, all in one place! Ordering not only your packaging, but your labels with us means your product will be in the hands of your consumer that much sooner, saving you time and money!

Silver Matte Airless Pump Bottles

There is no denying the universal appeal of ourSilver Matte Airless Pump. Everything from its shape, size, color and material makes it stand out. Beyond that however the mechanics of the airless pump are what make this bottle a top of the line product. A good fit for lotions, gels and serums, this pump easily and delicately dispenses your product. Order a sample of the 30ml and/or 50ml Airless Pump Bottle today, and test it out with your product!

Glass Muth Honey Bottles with Cork Stoppers

Gone are the days of standard product packaging. Using unique packaging is what sets your product apart. Containers like ourGlass Muth Honey Bottlescan be used for far more than just honey. Try these 8 oz or 16 oz glass bottles for things like loose tea blends, spices and herbs, powders, jams or cooking oils. They are a great fit for all kinds of bath and body products. Use the honey bottles to package or store bath salts, aromatherapy oils or wax. Be different, and make your product stand out with standout packaging!

Black PP Lip Balm Tubes with Black Caps

With so many product options out there packaging plays a significant role in the sale of your product. That is certainly true when it comes to lip balm tubes. Not only is this industry competitive, but when dealing with small products in an industry with so many brands it is vital that your product stands out. Our brand new0.5 oz black lip balm tubesare just the way to do it. Go against the grain, and select our all-black lip balm tubes. It's an easy way to be different and grab your consumer's attention right off the bat!

Paperboard Jars and Push-Up Tubes

This year SKS was pleased to introduce our 1/2 oz and 1 oz 100%paperboard containers. Paperboard is a sustainable source that takes far less energy to manufacture then materials like plastic, aluminum or glass. It is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. In testing, a jar made of 100% paperboard degraded in less than one year! Aside from all of those attractive perks, the look of these paperboard tubes and jars is where a lot of the appeal lies; they are modern without being cold, simple without being boring and different without being strange. All of which are features that made them an easy choice for our favorite products of 2012.

Post-Industrial Resin (PIR) Jars

Allow us to continue on with the theme of "eco-friendly packaging" and shine a light on our brand new PIR Jars. These all black containers are made completely of recycled materials. They require less energy to make compared to standard plastics, not to mention they are made right here in the U.S.! Try our 2, 4 or 8 oz polypro jars for all kinds of cosmetic, bath and body or nutraceutical packaging!

Glass Candle Jars

Our new Glass Candle Jars are the first glass-on-glass product we have introduced, and we couldn't be happier with them! They offer far more attractive perks then their obvious visual appeal. All of the lids in this line feature a flexible plastic fitment that ensures a secure fit. With such a reliable fit you have the option of using these jars to package more than just candles. Try this packaging for any number of products from the food industry to the bath and body industry. You will be pleased to find these all glass candle jars do the job!

8 oz Frosted Glass Jars

For a comfortable step away from the "traditional", we have added an 8 oz size to our existing line of straight sided frosted glass jars. These frosted jars offer the simplicity and traditional nature of a glass jar but with a slight twist. Their undeniably professional look, universal appeal and immense versatility are the reasons this jar is one of our favorites of 2012!

Black PET Cosmo Rounds

2012 brought with it a line of Black PET Cosmo Rounds in sizes ranging from 2 oz to 16 oz These bottles are cause for attention as they are the epitome of multipurpose packaging. They can be used for any number of products in industries like bath and body care, cosmetics, labware, industrial, tattoo & piercing and several more, so give them a try!

Plastic Tubs

Last but certainly not least are our 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz Clear Deli Tubs. It's difficult to pick just one thing that makes this item a favorite but let's start with the tamper resistant lid. To remove the lid you simply pull up on the corner tab. Once the container has been opened the tab remains bent and upright notifying you that the package has been tampered with. A convenient feature of these tubs is that the 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz all take the same lid, making it that much easier for you and your customer. Lastly these containers are made of100% PCR, meaning they are made completely of recycled materials! Offering you a product that is convenient and environmentally friendly, two things you rarely see in one package!

Packaging Tip

Custom Adhesive Labels

SKS is now the one-stop-shop for all of your packaging and labeling needs! We offer over 75 die-cut adhesive labels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from white paper labels with a matte or glossy finish and clear polypro waterproof labels for extra durability. To get started, simply download the label template for your chosen label size, upload your artwork or logo, and submit your order! Need inspiration for a new label design? Take a look at our informational pages below:

Product of the Month

Paperboard Jars & Push-Up Tubes

Take a look at some of our newest eco-friendly products just added in 2012!

These rolled edge flush fit push-up lip balm tubes and jars are made from 100% paperboard. Paperboard is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable, making these containers a great eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based plastics. The tubes and jars are constructed with an oil resistant paper barrier and could be appropriate for products such as lip balms, lotion bars, cosmetics and more!

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