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Choosing Lined Sealing Caps

Choosing Lined Sealing Caps

Understanding the Differences Between PS22 and Induction Lined Closures

SKS offers a wide selection of cap liners within our metal and plastic caps. When choosing between PS22 and induction liners, many factors may come into consideration. Below is an in-depth comparison of PS22 and induction lined caps to assist in your decision and help you to find the right closure for your products' unique packaging needs.

Application of Liners

Liner Application Method

The method of application is the primary difference between PS22 and induction lined caps. PS22 liners are installed within the caps and can be sealed to the top of the bottles or jars without the requirement of additional tools or equipment. After the container has been filled, screw the cap on tightly, and leave in place for 24 hours. The seal will remain in place, helping to maintain the freshness of your product.

Induction lined caps are also sold within the caps, but they require use of an induction sealing machine for activation. SKS has created a helpful how-to video and guide on understanding how induction sealing works, to help in your initial purchasing and installation process.
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Cap Options

Cap Options

PS22 lined cap options include:
Induction lined cap options include:
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Types of Seals

Types of Seals

Induction seals are one time use seals, and after their initial removal they will not re-seal. PS22 liners are not considered tamper evident since the liners can be resealed after the first application sometimes. For this reason, testing your products with the seals before a full production run is highly suggested.

Induction liners produce an airtight, hermetic, and leak proof seal, with added capabilities to assist in preserving freshness and shelf life.
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Cap Liner Compatibility

Liner Compatibility

PS22 and induction liners seal plastic jars and bottles and some varieties of glass conatiners. Purchase plastic containers in bulk and match with the lined cap of your choice using our convenient product Add-Ons.

PS22 and induction liners assist primarily in maintaining the freshness and integrity of your products, but there are also other benefits to including them in your product packaging. Induction seals provide customers with peace of mind in knowing that your containers have not been previously opened, as well as protection from spills and leakage during shipment and storage. Including liners can also demonstrate an added level of care to new and returning customers.
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Common Uses

Common Uses

Induction liners paired with pharmaceutical round bottles, peanut butter jars, salad dressing bottles, and more conform to general packaging requirements. For industrial components, induction liners paired with child resistant caps create a double barrier system.

When packaging body care products that could include body butter, shaving balms and more, SKS offers white, clear, and black plastic jars with PS22 lined plastic caps. PS22 liners can be used in the food packaging industry, for products such as spices in large and small quantities and condiments.
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