Top 5 Reasons to Use Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are often recommended when purchasing our products. Below are some top reasons why we believe it is important to consider adding clear or colored shrink bands to your packaging.

Shrink Bands Provide Tamper Evidence

Clear and colored shrink bands provide an outer, visible tamper-evident seal. A tear tab requires customers to pull the perforation to open the containers. Tamper evidence is highly useful when selling products in stores, for secure shipping, and can be used to meet packaging requirements within a range of industries.
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Cost-Effective Packaging Solution

Shrink bands are highly economical and worth the cost given the level of tamper evidence and professional look they can provide. Other tamper-evident seals, like induction lined caps or ribbed tamper evident caps with orifice reducers, offer fewer size options and are higher in cost than shrink bands. Check out our comparison page for all the different tamper-evident solutions we offer. Shrink bands can also be paired with tamper-evident caps for an even more secure packaging option!
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Professional Appearance

Clear and colored shrink bands offer an elevated, professional look for many products. The outer layer of security offers customers a higher level of satisfaction, knowing products have not been previously opened. Providing a professional look can help customers feel more confident when purchasing products and shows extra care was put into the packaging.
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Easy Application

Shrink bands can be easily and quickly applied using a heat gun. After slipping the shrink bands onto the containers, apply heat from the heat gun for a few seconds, turning the container as needed. The shrink band will reduce in size, adhering to the container shape and creating a tamper-evident seal. Heat guns are lightweight and easy to hold to help reduce fatigue during longer production runs. These heat guns include various attachments and adjustable air and heat levels to ensure the best seal possible when using clear and colored shrink bands.
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Shrink Bands are Versatile

Shrink bands can easily blend into existing product lines while also helping to protect products. The PVC shrink bands offer barriers against grease, oil, acid, and oxygen, which can assist with the preservation of products. Clear and colored shrink bands can be used for food packaging, cosmetics, body care products, lip balm tubes, and so much more! To find compatible shrink band sizes, simply click the add-ons button next to the bottles, jars, or tubes you would like to purchase.
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