Top 5 Reasons to use Child Resistant Packaging

Child resistant packaging includes child resistant caps, child resistant vials, child resistant dispensing closures, and more. Below are some reasons customers may choose child resistant packaging for their products.

Secure Storage

Child resistant packaging offers a high level of security when storing your products. Child resistant caps require hand dexterity to open, preventing children from accessing the contents within. This can include pharmaceuticals, CBD products, and other products with ingredients that can be harmful if not used correctly.
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Reach FDA Requirements

The FDA is ever changing the requirements set for a range of industries, including nutraceutical, CBD, and more. It may save money in the long run by choosing child resistant packaging from the start for products that fall within these industries.
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Customer Peace of Mind

While many products may not have FDA requirements, some companies choose child resistant packaging in order to provide peace of mind for their customers. SKS offers child resistant packaging options that can create a dynamic look, while also keeping products, like aromatherapy remedies and supplements, secure.
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SKS offers child resistant packaging in a range of cohesive styles to ensure your products are stored and dispensed as desired. Choose from child resistant caps with PE or induction liners, bulb glass droppers, or dropper tip caps, paired with a range of plastic or glass containers to create a full product line. Read our child resistant cap product spotlight for more information on our versatile options.
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Child resistant packaging can be used to professionally showcase your products when selling in stores or online. Choose SKS for secure containers and closures that could elevate your products and put them above the competition.
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With such a large variety of child resistant packaging, SKS offers helpful pages to assist with choosing the right packaging for your products.

SKS highly suggests testing all of our child resistant packaging to ensure complete compatibility. Feel free to contact our Customer Care department with any additional questions you may have.

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