Product Spotlight - Black Phenolic Caps

SKS offers a selection of black phenolic cap styles for use with cosmetics, aromatherapy, and a range of hobby and crafting products for easy storing and dispensing.

Phenolic is a type of thermoset plastic material that is compatible with a wide range of chemical compounds, making phenolic caps highly popular for packaging essential oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. These black phenolic caps also feature low moisture absorption, are lightweight, yet durable for long-term use, and offer good mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Black Phenolic Caps

Black Phenolic Caps for Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy products, including essential oil blends, therapeutic serums, and more, pair well with black phenolic caps with cone or PV liners. SKS also offers glass bottles with black phenolic caps in a variety of styles for aromatherapy product lines. Black phenolic caps matched with small glass vials in various colors also include orifice reducers to assist with dispensing.

Black Phenolic Caps for Cosmetics

Black phenolic caps offer a smooth, shiny finish and can be used to create a dynamic look for cosmetics. The variety of black phenolic caps offered can be paired with glass and plastic containers to package face creams, foundation powders, and much more. Choose from black phenolic caps with cone liners, PV liners, or PE-F217 liners.

Black Phenolic Caps for Hobbies and Homebrewing

SKS offers black phenolic caps, useful for packaging a range of crafting and hobbyist materials, including adhesives and paints. Phenolic caps also offer a strong seal that is practical when homebrewing. SKS carries amber and clear glass bottles paired with black phenolic caps that are ideal when handling sensitive or harsh ingredients and help to preserve products when storing and shipping.

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