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SKS offers glass and plastic square bottles to stylishly elevate product lines while also providing durability. Square bottles offer wide panels for labeling and decoration and are composed of materials that are ideal for use with a range of products that could include body care products, food products, and much more.

Square Bottles with Caps

Clear glass square bottles are FDA approved, entirely recyclable, and are impermeable. Each style of these glass bottles offers straight, smooth sides and sturdy bases for secure storing and displaying. The French square glass bottles feature larger necks, which are designed to dispense low viscosity products, such as smoothies, oils, and dressings, effortlessly.

  • Clear Glass Square Bottles:
  • French square bottles with phenolic caps
  • Marasca square bottles with plastic caps
  • Perfume square bottles with various caps

Marasca square bottles are a taller, slender version of the square glass bottle shape. Marasca square bottles have smaller neck openings, allowing for a more controlled pour when dispensing liquid food products, like oil infusions, vinaigrette variations, and more. Perfume square bottles are available with a selection of caps for an array of applications. The small glass perfume bottles could be used to accommodate various pharmaceutical, aromatherapy and cosmetic products.

SKS created custom molds for clear, amber, and white PET square bottles to broaden our square bottle inventory. A large amount of consideration and design was taken into effect when creating these square plastic bottles. The amber and white square bottles provide UV protection, while the clear square bottles allow customers to view the product packaged within. The indented base is designed to be sturdy without reducing the bottle capacity.

  • Clear Plastic Square Bottles:
  • Clear square bottles with spice caps
  • Clear square bottles with silver metal caps
  • Clear square bottles with white plastic caps
  • Amber square bottles with black caps
  • White square bottles with child resistant caps

Clear PET square bottles are available with red or black spice caps with PS113 liners. The PS113 liners have the words "Sealed for Freshness" printed on them and adhere to the bottles when the cap is securely screwed on for roughly 24 hours. SKS also offers white and amber PET square bottles for products that may require UV barriers. Consider amber PET square bottles with black smooth caps for a sleek packaging option for men's products within a full line of body care products.

White PET square bottles paired with white child resistant caps are a practical and appealing way to package vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and medicinal remedies. The child resistant caps prevent unwanted opening, and the square bottle shape offers labeling panels for all required product information, as well as eye catching logos and designs. Whether in glass or plastic, square bottles are a compelling packaging choice for numerous products. Contact our customer care team with any questions about these packaging options.

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