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Product Spotlight - Pharmaceutical Round Bottles

Product Spotlight - Pharmaceutical Round Bottles

Pharmaceutical round bottles can be used to package capsules, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and other products to care for the body inside and out. Choose from our expansive variety of pharmaceutical round bottles with an array of closure options!

Plastic Pharmaceutical Round bottles

Plastic Pharmaceutical Round bottles HDPE plastic pharmaceutical round bottles are available in white and natural colors to package products within the pharmaceutical, medical marijuana, and nutritional supplement industries. Due to its superior chemical resistance properties and strong moisture barriers, HDPE plastic is a commonly chosen material for pharmaceutical rounds. These features help to maintain the quality, protection, and desired presentation of your product.

Natural HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles are semi-transparent, showcasing the products within while providing useful barriers during storage. Opt for natural HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles with white ribbed caps, available in 30 cc, 60 cc, 120 cc and 250 cc sizes. The white ribbed caps provide a comfortable grip, providing fast and convenient opening and closing. For additional sizes of the natural HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles, please contact us for a quote.

Plastic Pharmaceutical Round bottles Size options for white HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles include 50 cc, 75 cc, 120 cc, 200 cc, 250 cc, and 500 cc in stock, with 950 cc as an additional email for quote size. This wide variety of sizes allows for great versatility including, multi day, or weekly dosage packaging options, while maintaining a cohesive product line. As a simple and practical option, choose the white HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles with white ribbed F217 lined caps. The F217 liners provide a added moisture barrier, as well as a degree of taste and odor resistance.

If your product requires a higher level of security or tamper evidence, SKS also offerswhite HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles with induction lined child resistant caps. Removing these caps requires two hand dexterity, restricting access by children. Easy-to-follow instructions for opening are shown on the face of the cap. The induction liners produce a tamper evident, hermetic seal once activated. Activation of induction liners requires use of an induction sealing machine, which SKS offers in many varieties to suit your production needs. Curious about induction liners and how they could benefit the products you are packaging in HDPE pharmaceutical round bottles? Read our Understanding Induction Liners article for additional information.

Glass Pharmaceutical Round Bottles

Glass Pharmaceutical Round BottlesCheck out the clear and amber glass pharmaceutical round bottles for a touch of style that can be used in multiple industries. Glass pharmaceutical round bottles are an exceptional packaging choice due to the nonporous and impermeable nature of glass. Clear glass pharmaceutical round bottles when paired with black phenolic brush caps could be utilized for industrial products such as touch up paints and sealants. The wide opening of the clear glass pharmaceutical round bottles allows for easy filling of thicker viscosity formulas, such as glues and stains. Be sure to test your products with the phenolic brush caps to ensure an even coat every time!

Amber glass pharmaceutical round bottles with black phenolic caps range in size from 15 cc to 950 cc. Amber glass provides the same exceptional properties as clear glass, and is formulated to absorb UV radiation. The phenolic cone lined caps are paired with 15 cc to 120 cc size bottles and include LDPE cones that create a seal within the bottle necks. The 950 cc amber glass pharmaceutical round bottles are paired with black phenolic PV lined caps which offer good chemical resistance for your products. The amber glass pharmaceutical round bottles could be used to package high end products such as bath salts, essential oil infused formulas, and cleansers.

Quote Pharmaceutical Round Bottles

Quote Pharmaceutical Round BottlesLooking for a variety of colors for your pharmaceutical round bottles? SKS provides PET pharmaceutical round bottles in amber, clear, blue, white, and black in sizes ranging from 150 cc to 500 cc. The composition of PET gives these bottles a shiny exterior and barriers against oxygen and moisture. PET also provides resistance against many compounds, minimizing the possibility of negative reactions with products. Since the PET pharmaceutical round bottles are an email for quote product, please send us an email to request a quote.

All pharmaceutical rounds sold by SKS are sized in fluid cc measurements. If you are packaging a product within capsule sizes or dry measurements, SKS highly recommends testing the pharmaceutical rounds to calculate the correct volume to package in each bottle.

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