Product Spotlight - PET Cosmo Ovals

PET cosmo oval bottles are a unique packaging option, with stylish shapes, high functionality, and availability in an array of stunning colors. Pair our cosmo ovals with dispensing caps, including disc top caps, lotion pumps, and fine mist sprayers to effectively display and dispense hair care products, skincare products and more.

Cosmo Ovals for Hair Care Packaging

Choose blue and amber cosmo ovals for a range of hair care products that could include hair serums, shampoo and conditioners, hair styling gels, and hairspray. The cosmo oval shape allows for convenient one handed dispensing, while lotion pumps, disc top caps and sprayers offer efficient and clean dispensing of your hair care products at the salon or in the home.

Cosmo Ovals for Skincare Packaging

Clear and green cosmo ovals could be a good skincare packaging choice for lotions, sunscreens, and more. With a wide selection and dispensing caps, SKS offers cosmo ovals that could be used to create a full bath and body product line.

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