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Product Spotlight - PET Cosmo Ovals

For plastic bottles that have stylish shapes, high functionality and availability in an array of stunning colors, PET cosmo oval bottles are a phenomenal option.

PET Cosmo Ovals

Cosmo ovals in blue, amber, clear, and green have many style features that make them both a practical and attractive options. The front and back panels feature flat surface areas which make for finding and applying various label shapes and sizes easy.

These oval bottles have smaller base diameters, allowing for better use of shelf and display areas. The oval shape also provides a comfortable grip during use for products such as shampoos, lotions and oils.

Cosmo ovals have 20/410 or 24/410 neck finishes, which includes the broadest range of choices in compatible dispensing and non-dispensing caps. If in need of dispensing caps browse the compatible disc top caps, lotion and treatment pumps, or fine mist sprayers.
PET Cosmo Ovals

For non dispensing cap options SKS also has screw on caps in a variety of materials and colors. For a full list of dispensing and non dispensing caps available, be sure to reference the Add-Ons list of the cosmo ovals of your choice in the bulk sections on each page.

PET Cosmo Ovals in a Variety of Colors and Sizes

Clear cosmo ovals are available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz and 8 oz sizes. Clear PET plastic cosmo ovals allow you to showcase the appearance of your products while benefiting from the durability of PET plastic.

Consider pairing these oval shaped plastic bottles in a variety of sizes with white disc top caps to achieve a fresh packaging look and easy dispensing for products such as hair care formulas or lotions.

Green and blue PET plastic cosmo ovals come in a range of three convenient sizes, 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz. Not only do these colored semi-transparent plastic bottles easily stand out on the shelves and draw attention to your products, they also allow your customers to see the product prior to purchase.
PET Cosmo Ovals in a Variety of Colors and Sizes

Green PET cosmo ovals with black pumps could be used to package lotions in a variety of scents, while the blue cosmo ovals could look sharp when paired with black fine mist sprayers that could be used to dispense products like body sprays and scented mists.

Amber cosmo ovals are available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. The 8 oz size is available with two different neck finish options. The first is a standard 24/410, the second is a 24/415. The difference is that the neck on the 24/415 is a little longer than the standard 24/410, so the bottle is compatible with different closures. Select the add-ons button for these bulk containers to view compatible closures for each. Amber PET provides good UV barriers, which could be important when packaging products such as sunscreen or bug repellent, and other products intended for outdoor use.

Cosmo ovals offer the possibilities of using single colors within a product line, or multiple colors to distinguish between products. Use blue cosmo ovals for soothing night-time lotions or amber cosmo oval bottles for men's facial exfoliants. Be sure to check out cosmo ovals when choosing a bottle for your product!

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