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Product Spotlight - Unlined and Foil Lined Metal Caps

Product Spotlight - Unlined and Foil Lined Metal Caps

Metal caps are compatible with a broad range of glass and plastic containers for use in many applications. Choose from our selection of unlined metal caps or options including several liner types, for variety and style that will suit your packaging needs!

Silver and White Metal Caps

SilverAluminum metal caps are available in sizes ranging from 18/400 to 89/400, which allows them to be paired with containers including small plastic and glass bottles, as well as large wide mouth jars. The aluminum metal caps are composed of a no rust, 100% recyclable, lightweight aluminum with PE liners included. The PE liners are all purpose liners that have sufficient chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics, and aqueous products. The shiny silver color of these aluminum caps pairs nicely with clear containers, as well as a variety of vibrantly colored bottles and jars.

Add some character to your product line with antique finish pewter metal caps featuring an elegant matte appearance. These metal caps are available unlined in a 70G size, and are sized to match various glass jars.

White Metal Caps White metal caps with foil liners provide resistance to hydrocarbonates, oils, ketones, and alcohols, making them a good choice for scented bath and body products. The white metal caps include ribbed necks for easy opening and closing. Pair these white metal caps with glass boston round bottles or large wide mouth jars to package each one of your superb products!

Black and Bronze Metal Caps

For a bold packaging choice, SKS provides black metal caps with foil liners. Ranging in neck finish from 22/400 to 70/400, these black metal caps pair well with many glass and plastic, jars or bottles from our expansive inventory. The foil liners create a small barrier, helping to prevent unwanted odors, and maintaining taste and freshness. For the best results, be sure to test your products with the black metal caps and container of your choice. Caps/

If you would like to create an eye-catching display with a unique color, opt for the bronze metal caps. Bronze metal caps are unlined and have an antique finish for an added dimension of design. Match these bronze metal caps with glass mason jars for an old fashioned packaging style that complements candles, body care products, and more!

Metal caps in any color are sure to make a bold statement when paired with your containers and custom labels. The eye-catching design, durability, and variety of liner options make metal caps an appealing and sensible choice. Have additional questions? Be sure to contact our helpful customer service for more information!

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