Product Spotlight - Lined and Unlined Metal Caps

Metal caps are compatible with a broad range of glass and plastic containers for packaging a variety of products. While many metal caps include plastisol liners, sometimes that is not necessary. To suit your needs, SKS offers durable and stylish metal caps that feature various liners, as well as unlined options.

Metal Lined & Unlined Caps

Aluminum metal caps are available in a range of sizes for pairing with small plastic and glass bottles, as well as wide mouth jars. These aluminum metal caps are composed of a rust resistant, 100% recyclable, lightweight aluminum with PE liners. The PE liners are all-purpose liners that have sufficient chemical resistance against acids, alkalies, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics, and aqueous products.

White and black ribbed metal caps with foil liners provide resistance to hydro carbonates, oils, ketones, and alcohols, and also create barriers to help main taste and freshness. White metal caps can be paired with clear glass boston round bottles in a number of sizes for a full product line. Black metal caps with amber glass jars make a dramatic statement when packaging products, such as a line of shaving products.

  • Stylish Metal Cap Options:
  • Silver metal caps with PE liners
  • White metal caps with foil liners
  • Black metal caps with foil liners
  • Bronze unlined metal caps

To create an eye-catching display with a unique color, opt for the bronze metal caps. Bronze metal caps are unlined with an antique finish for an added flair. Match these bronze metal caps with glass mason jars for an old fashioned packaging style that complements candles, body care products, and more!

Metal caps in any color are sure to make a bold statement when paired with your containers and custom labels. The eye-catching design, durability, and variety of liner options make metal caps an appealing and sensible choice. For the best results, be sure to test your products with these metal caps to ensure compatibility.

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