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Product Spotlight - Lotion Pumps & Treatment Pumps

Product Spotlight - Lotion Pumps & Treatment Pumps

Lotion pumps and the smaller alternative, treatment pumps, are closures designed to dispense thicker products, including lotions, creams, soaps, and more. SKS has options with various neck finishes, colors, and dip tube lengths to match the correct lotion or treatment pumps with your glass, plastic, and metal bottles.

Lotion Pumps

Lotion PumpsWhite and black lotion pumps are available in the standard style which includes ribbed collars and locking mechanisms. The lotion pump head and dip tube are composed of polypropylene, while the piston is molded from HDPE, making for easy and smooth pumping. Any interior metal components are composed of stainless steel and will not come in contact with the product.

For security during shipment and storage, these standard lotion pumps include locked and unlocked positions. Gently turn the head in one direction to lock closed and the opposite to open. Both colors dispense up to 0.5 ml per stroke, and are available in the 24/410 neck finish, which fits an extensive range of glass, plastic, and metal bottles.

Lotion PumpsWhite lotion pumps with brushed aluminum collars have a 24/410 neck finish with four dip tube length options. These lotion pumps are composed of a polypropylene head, a neck made out of 2 materials: an aluminum shell surrounding a polypropylene closure, LDPE dip tube, HDPE piston, and a glass ball within the pumping mechanism to very smoothly dispense 2 ml per stroke.

Sleek white, black, and natural lotion pumps have the options of 5" or 6" dip tubes and dispense 2 ml per stroke. The wider dip tubes and chambers allow for thicker products to be dispensed, and the 24/410 neck finish allows products such as salves and creams to be packaged in larger capacity plastic bottles. The dip tubes, ball valve, pistons, and chambers are entirely composed of plastic, creating a metal free passageway. An arrow on the top of each lotion pump directs how to lock and unlock through one easy twisting motion. Each color pump includes a smooth collar that pairs stylishly with black boston round bottles, clear oblong bottles, as well as white boston round bottles.

Treatment Pumps

Treatment PumpsTreatment pumps are available in black, white, and natural, with the same dispensing mechanisms as the standard lotion pumps, but for containers with a smaller neck finish. These versatile treatment pumps are composed of polypropylene with PE dip tubes, pistons, and lower stems for a metal free dispensing path.

To reduce unwanted discharge, each pump includes a clear styrene hood. Each stroke will dispense 19 mcl (microliter), or .019 ml, of product. Treatment pumps have a smooth collar that, when paired with the proper dip tube length and plastic or glass bottle, have an overall sleek look for packaging serums, face creams, and cosmetics.

Measuring Dip Tubes for Lotion Pumps & Treatment Pumps

Measuring Dip Tubes

The neck finish and dip tube length are two essential measurements when matching lotion and treatment pumps to containers, because the neck finishes must match for a secure fit and the dip tube length must be compatible with the height of the bottle.

Dip tube lengths measure from the gasket to the end of the dip tube and correspond to the measurement of the containers from the shoulders to the base. SKS has created a cap codes reference document to assist in matching caps to the appropriate bottle. Be sure to match the cap code listed on the desired closure with the appropriate containers. The Addons menu is another excellent feature for matching containers and closures on any product page. Once selected, the Addons drop down menu will display compatible options for pairing and buying all in one place!

SKS highly suggests testing lotion and treatment pumps with the selected containers to ensure compatibility. For further assistance with purchasing be sure to contact our helpful customer service department via chat, email, or phone!

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