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Lotions Pumps for Hair Care Products

Choose from a range of lotion pump styles and colors to match your packaging design. Lotion pumps pair with larger bottles to smoothly dispense products without the need to squeeze the bottle. All of the convenient features of these lotion pumps make for great packaging options for hair care and salon products.

Smooth & Ribbed Lotion Pumps for Hair Care Products

White and black ribbed lotion pumps dispense with minimal effort and can be paired with plastic and glass bottles in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. SKS has conveniently listed the neck finish, and cap code for each lotion pump option to assist with bulk purchasing. Consider these lotion pumps when packaging hair styling products, leave in conditioners, and more.

  • Ribbed Lotion Pump Features:
  • Dispenses .5 ml per stroke
  • Metal-free pathway
  • Locking mechanism

White, black, and natural smooth lotion pumps feature a wider opening for dispensing higher viscosity products, including shampoos, hair treatments, and more. The dip tube width is a key difference between the smooth and ribbed lotion pumps. The ribbed lotion pumps feature dip tubes with a 4.83 mm width, whereas the smooth lotions pumps have dip tubes with a 5.84 mm width.

  • Smooth Lotion Pump Features:
  • Dispenses 2 ml per stroke
  • Metal-free interior construction
  • Locking mechanism

White polypropylene lotion pumps with brushed aluminum collars combine the standard style neck of the ribbed lotion pumps with the dispensing capability of the smooth lotion pumps. These lotion pumps dispense 2 ml of product per stroke using a plastic and glass pumping mechanism. White lotion pumps with silver collars also feature a metal-free pathway and a 6.3 mm dip tube width. Similar to the other lotion pumps, these pumps conveniently lock when turned for clean storage and shipping. The brushed aluminum collar gives these lotion pumps a high end appeal and can be paired with clear cosmo round bottles and white boston round bottles for packaging a range of hair care products.

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