Product Spotlight - Glass Bottles with Handles

Clear and amber glass bottles with handles can provide durable and functional packaging for liquors, syrups, brewed drinks, and much more. Glass bottles are widely used for drinks and sauces due to their impermeable barriers, assisting in the preservation of flavors. The high clarity of clear glass bottles provides an eye catching appearance when showcasing a range of liquors, while amber glass offers UV protection to light sensitive products, such as brewed drinks. Built in handles assist in carrying and pouring, providing your customers with convenience and ease of use.

Glass Liquor Bottles w/ Handles

Clear glass bottles with handles provide an eye-catching, distinct style for a range of liquors and spirits, with the added benefits of easy pouring and handling. The durable glass construction of these liquor bottles helps to maintain your blend of top shelf flavors for long term storage, with impermeable barriers.

Glass Syrup Bottles w/ Handles

When packaging delicious maple syrup or other types of syrups, choose glass bottles with handles for an old fashioned appearance with inherant durability. SKS offers glass syrup bottles with handles in a range of sizes to assist in production, storage, and distribution for both small and large syrup producers.

Glass Coffee Bottles w/ Handles

Amber glass bottles with handles can be used to package brewed coffee drinks and coffee beans in a stylish way that also assists in the preservation of unique flavors for peak enjoyment. These glass coffee bottles are highly durable, with smooth walls and wide necks that allow easy cleaning for reuse or recycling.

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