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Elevate Your Cosmetic Product Line

Elevate Your Cosmetic Product Line

5 Ways to Bring Your Cosmetic Packaging to a New Level

Are you starting a new cosmetic line or looking for ways to revamp your products for more impact? SKS offers a wide variety of versatile, high end cosmetic packaging, as well as range of added services to elevate your brand.

Cosmetic Packaging

View Creative Ideas for Cosmetic Packaging

The Cosmetic Containers index provides helpful creative ideas incorporating SKS packaging. Browse packaging design ideas for eyeshadow jars, lip balm containers, foundation bottles, and more. SKS has glass cosmetic containers for high-end products, eco-friendly paperboard packaging, perfume containers, including roll-on containers, glass vials with sprayers, and more.
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Cosmetic Disc Liners

Add Cosmetic Disc Liners to Cosmetic Jars

Cosmetic disc liners add a layer of design and functionality to a variety of plastic jars when packaging creams, face scrubs, lotions, and more. Cosmetic disc liners have beneficial qualities as well as a striking visual appeal. The reusable cosmetic disc liners rest on the rim of the plastic jar, and may help to maintain product freshness and protect against contaminants. Choose from our available cosmetic disc liners or create your own personalized options to showcase your brand.
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Custom Labeling

Add Custom Labels for Cosmetic Packaging

Complete your cosmetic packaging design with custom labeling. SKS offers custom printed labels with your unique logo or design in square, rectangle, round, and oval sizes with many materials and finishes to choose from. Not sure which label shape and size would work the best on your cosmetic packaging? Click "View Line Drawings" next to the cosmetic container of your choice to see the maximum labeling area, or click the Addons button to view all compatible label sizes.
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Subscribe & Save on Cosmetic Packaging

Save money on your cosmetic packaging needs with SKS' convenient Subscribe and Save and Customer Loyalty programs. Subscribe and Save allows you to save 5% automatically, promotes prompt shipment of your items on schedule with no delays, and provides convenient and quick order management. The Loyalty Program allows you to earn rewards on all of your purchases that can be used towards savings on future purchases! Sign up for the Customer Loyalty program for free and earn points for every dollar spent on the SKS Bottle website. Both of these highly beneficial programs provide discounts for simply purchasing your cosmetic packaging with SKS.
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Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Services

SKS can customize existing cosmetic packaging or create a new container mold for plastic, glass, and metal makeup containers. Have you found white plastic bottles but would like them in a personalized color instead? SKS can do that! Are you interested in silkscreening your cosmetic packaging instead of applying labels? Silkscreening is available on small perfume sample vials up to large cosmetic jars. Be sure to browse all of the Added Services SKS has to offer to customize your cosmetic packaging.
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Your cosmetic packaging design should be as beautiful as you want your customers to look and feel. SKS offers metal, plastic, and glass cosmetic containers in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit all of your needs. Read below for more helpful packaging ideas for your products!

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