Product Spotlight - Cosmetic Disc Liners

Cosmetic disc liners add a layer of design and functionality to a variety of plastic jars when packaging creams, face scrubs, lotions, and more. Cosmetic disc liners have beneficial qualities as well as a striking visual appeal. Choose from our available stock of cosmetic disc liners or create your own personalized options to showcase your brand.

PVC & Personalized Cosmetic Disc Liners

Cosmetic disc liners are thin pieces of PVC that rest on the rim of the plastic jar. Unlike induction and PS22 liners, cosmetic disc liners do not adhere to the plastic jars and can be reused. Placing the cosmetic disc liners back onto the rim of the plastic jars after each use may help maintain product freshness and protect against contaminants.

PVC is flexible, lightweight, and provides a barrier against changes in product taste and color. When used for cosmetic disc liners, PVC also features both puncture and tear resistance.
  • Custom Disc Liner Benefits:
  • Low purchasing requirements
  • Minimal storage demands
  • Short lead times & easy reorder

SKS offers the option to create customized cosmetic disc liners. Choose between PVC, PETG, Mylar or VP plastic in various thicknesses. Add a logo to the disc liners for further customization or consider different color options via SKS' hot stamping services.

Cosmetic disc liners are a cost effective way to add appeal to your products, as well as create a secondary layer of protection. Simply match the cap codes listed within the plastic jar descriptions to purchase the corresponding cosmetic disc liner size. Be sure to test these stylish packaging additions with your products.

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