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Product Spotlight - Cosmetic Disc Liners

Cosmetic disc liners can add a layer of design and functionality to a variety of the plastic jars SKS has available. Whether you choose from the selection in stock or complete a customized order, we will be delighted to assist you!

Cosmetic Disc Liners

Cosmetic disc liners are thin pieces of PVC that rest on the rims of the plastic jars you choose. Cosmetic disc liners do not adhere to the jars, but are designed to fit properly into their necks for added visual appeal and a functional barrier.

PVC cosmetic disc liners in black or white create barriers between your products and caps when closed. PVC is flexible, lightweight and has excellent organoleptic properties. This means that it provides a barrier in order to reduce changes in the products' taste or color over time. PVC when used in cosmetic disc liners also offers puncture and tear resistance qualities, even at thin thickness levels.

Cosmetic Disc Liners

Unlike induction and PS22 liners, cosmetic disc liners do not adhere to the plastic jars, so they can be reused after their initial opening. Placing the cosmetic disc liners back into the rim of the plastic jars after each use may be helpful in maintaining product freshness and your customer's overall experience.

While SKS includes many sizes of cosmetic disc liners that are compatible with a large variety of plastic jars and metal or plastic caps, there are a few styles that may not be compatible. Since cosmetic disc liners rest on the rims of the plastic jars, PS22 lined caps, induction lined caps and phenolic cone lined caps do not work correctly when used with the disc liners. You may wonder why cosmetic disc liners are mentioned and listed with plastic jars, but not with glass jars that have the same neck finish. Glass jars have thicker walls, so the cosmetic disc liners do not correctly fall into place to create the exact fit needed.

Customizable Cosmetic Disc Liners

SKS can create a custom cosmetic disc liners that can personalize your packaging line while keeping costs low. With low purchasing requirements and the compact size of the cosmetic disc liners, storage can be minimal. The initial lead time of customized cosmetic disc liners is short, and we save your design so that future orders will be even quicker and more stress-free.
Customizable Cosmetic Disc Liners

There are many options available when customizing cosmetic disc liners. The disc liners can be produced in PVC, PETG, Mylar or VP plastic of various thicknesses. Adding a logo to the disc liners adds an extra layer of customization, and there are also many options available for a unique final look. Debossing places your image or logo recessed into the disc liner, while embossing raises it slightly higher. If you would like to add color to the cosmetic disc liners, SKS offers the added service of hot stamping. Hot stamping is the process of stamping dry colored or metallic dyes into the disc liners while the stamping plate is hot.

Cosmetic disc liners have beneficial qualities as well as a striking visual appeal. Cosmetic disc liners can be paired with plastic jars to package creams, face scrubs and lotions. Be sure to contact us for additional information or to request a customized quote!

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