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August 2019

SKS carries a wide variety of fine mist sprayers and trigger sprayer closure options for dispensing liquid hair care products, personal care products, cleaning products, and more.

Fine Mist Sprayers

Fine mist sprayers are known for their flexible use with a range of products, including fragrance packaging, hair spray, makeup setting spray, and more. SKS carries ribbed and smooth fine mist sprayers in white, black, and natural, with a variety of dip tube lengths. Mini natural plastic sprayers are available in 12 mm to 15 mm sizes and are designed to fit our mini cylinder bottles. These atomizer sprayers are composed of standard polypropylene plastic and offer a great on-the-go packaging option. 20 mm and 24 mm natural fine mist sprayers are also available in a range of dip tube lengths, which are compatible with a variety of larger plastic and glass bottle sizes. Smooth and ribbed black and white plastic fine mist sprayers are a popular packaging choice due to their sleek finish. These hand atomizer sprayers are available in 20 mm, 22 mm, and 24 mm neck finishes. Similar to the natural fine mist sprayers, mini white and black plastic sprayers are also available to fit mini clear cylinder bottles. All fine mist sprayers feature clear dust caps, which help to prevent unwanted discharge when not in use.

Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers offer a much larger output than fine mist sprayers and are ideal for cleaners, gardening products, and other chemical packaging. White and black mini trigger sprayers are available in a 24 mm neck finish and feature a dispensing output of 0.2 cc per spray. These plastic trigger sprayers include a button along the neck, which can be used to lock and unlock the trigger lever for safer storage, as well as dip tube lengths in sizes ranging from 5" to 7 3/4". The valve engine is designed to also handle slightly higher viscosity products, such as lotion or gel.White and black trigger sprayers feature a 28 mm neck finish and an output of 0.9 cc per spray. The gaskets feature four different spray settings: "on", "off", "stream", and "spray", which can be adjusted by turning the nozzle 90°. Similar to the mini trigger sprayers, the "off" setting locks the spray nozzle for safer storage. Dip tube lengths range from 4 3/4" to 9 1/2".

Packaging Tip

Foam Lined Caps

F217 liners and PE foam liners can be used with metal, glass, or plastic containers. These cap liners are commonly used in bath and body, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, chemical, and cosmetic packaging.

  • Benefits of foam lined caps:
  • Provide a barrier against moisture and oxygen
  • Chemical and odor resistant
  • Help prevent product from leaking
  • Form an additional barrier between product and the cap

Product of the Month

Amber Glass Vials

Amber glass vials are available in a range of sizes from 1/3 dram to 8 dram. Amber glass offers blue light and UV protection for light sensitive products, as well as protection against chemical leaching, making these vials a great option for essential oils, fermented beverages, and pharmaceutical packaging. The amber vials can be paired with sturdy phenolic plastic caps, glass droppers, or PE lined caps.

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