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March 2017

SKS Bottle & Packaging carries an extensive line of candle containers. With candle packaging available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, you’re sure to find quality packaging that meets your needs at SKS!

Glass Candle Jars

Clear glass containers are a great way to show off your product. Glass is known to be a high quality packaging material, which is one of the features that make it so appealing to customers. Packaging with glass containers is also a great way to give your product a big shelf impact. In addition to being a quality material, glass is a nonporous and impermeable material which eliminates the need to worry about chemical interactions between the product and its packaging. Glass is also a very eco-friendly option. Not only is it reusable and 100% recyclable, it can be recycled endlessly without loss in purity or quality.For candle packaging that is both unique and stylish, opt for the 7.75 oz frosted glass candle jar. This jar features a simple design and standard shape allowing it the ability to stand on its own, as well as easily blend into an existing line. It also offers a blank canvas for pairing custom labels. Add deco with bold bright colors or a more gentle palette, both options are sure to compliment this frosted candle jar.SKS offers several styles and sizes of clear glass candle jars with matching glass lids. The lids for these jars feature flexible plastic fitments to ensure a secure fit. Candle jars with these lids are available in three styles, one featuring straight sides in 2.75, 8, and 12.5 oz, one with inward curved sides in 12 oz, and a rounded jar available in 4.5, 12.25, and 27 oz sizes.Whether looking for a candle jar to house votives or fill, try packaging candles with a 3 oz round clear glass candle jar, or a 7.5 oz square clear glass candle jar. Both of these jars offer a thick base and the clarity to display and highlight your product.SKS carries a variety of traditional packaging options like round, square, hexagon, oval hexagon, and mason jars that could be used for candle packaging. These jars are all offered in clear glass, with sizes ranging from 1 oz to 32 oz. Select a compatible metal cap and label to go with these candle containers to finish the look.

Candle Tins

Tins provide many appealing benefits for packaging candles. Like glass, candle tins are both reusable and recyclable. Since metal candle tins are opaque, they conceal imperfections like air bubbles. SKS offers a variety of affordable tins paired with matching lids. The flat surface of the lids makes labeling on the top or sides of the containers easy. Metal candle tins are a safe packaging option that are less likely to break during shipment than glass.SKS stocks a 6 oz tin plated steel candle tin that features three feet on the base. These feet raise the entire tin 1 mm from the surface, which allows for continual airflow and keeps the surface cool. Opt for these candle tins with the compatible slip cover lid. These lids make for safer transport when filled with product, as well as offer another noticeable surface for deco!Available in gold and silver tin plated steel, deep metal tins could be a great option for housing candles. The silver metal tins are available in 6 sizes from 1 oz to 16 oz, while the gold tins come in 2, 4 and 6 oz sizes. Silver flat metal tins could also make for good candle packaging, available in 7 sizes from ¼ oz to 8 oz. Any of these candle tins can be purchased with, or without the matching rolled edge slip covers. Additionally, SKS offers metal twist top tins with continuous threads and matching screw cover rolled edge lids. For a smaller candle packaging option, opt for these tins in 1/2, 1, or 2 oz sizes.Do you want to package your candles in metal tins, but also want to show off your product? Opt for the metal candle tins with clear view tops. SKS carries these tins in both square and round styles. The round tins with clear view tops are offered in 2, 4, 8 and 16 oz sizes and the square tins are available in 4 oz and 8 oz.

For more information or to browse all candle containers available at SKS, click here.

Packaging Tip

Benefits of F217 Liners

F217 liners come with many closures offered by SKS and are commonly used to help prevent leakage. They are comprised of a low density foam core, between two solid layers of low density polyethylene. F217 liners are good general purpose liners, that have excellent chemical, taste, and odor resistant properties. Additionally, these liners feature a low moisture transmission rate. Click here to view some of our F217 lined closures.

Product of the Month

Black Double Wall Radius Jars

Recently added to SKS’ extensive collection of plastic jars are these black double wall radius jars. They feature an inner layer made of polypropylene and an outer layer comprised of polystyrene. Not only do the two layers offer added protection, they also create a larger visual impact while using less product. Available in 5 sizes ranging from 1/2 oz to 8 oz, these jars can be purchased in large quantities without closures, or in smaller quantities paired with black lined dome caps or smooth black lined caps. Double wall radius jars are paired with caps that fit flush against the jar with no overhang, a common look for cosmetic products.

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