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December 2016

Looking to increase customer appeal and add value to your product? Choose from one of the many deco options SKS Bottle & Packaging offers to enhance the appearance of your product packaging. Brand your product with a custom label, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, or opt for customized silk screening.

Custom Labels

SKS offers square labels, rectangular labels, oval labels, and round labels available in many sizes with matte or glossy finishes, that can feature up to 4 colors. These labels are digitally printed, which offers greater detail and color, without raising the cost.For a clear deco option, opt for a polypropylene label with a glossy finish. Available in various shapes and sizes, this versatile label will allow your product to be seen, and sell itself. To find labels compatible with your container, use the Label Compatibility Chart. There are a few important things to keep in mind when designing labels and placing an order for them:

  • Artwork should be saved as Adobe Illustrator CS5 (or earlier version), or print-ready PDF file
  • Typical lead time from order being placed is 4-6 weeks
  • Review artwork before submitting, SKS will not be responsible for correcting any errors
  • Digital artwork proof will be sent via email before labels are fully manufactured

For more information of label specifications, click here!

Silk Screening

Silk screening is a printing process where ink is forced through a photographically treated screen onto the container or cap, one color at a time. This method of labeling allows for more freedom with design, as you will not be limited to a confined label size. Silk screening will allow you to take advantage of a much wider print area. To ensure accuracy, customers must sign off on print proofs before a production run. SKS offers silk screening with low minimums of around 10,000 pieces for most items. Speak to your account manager today to receive a quote on silk screening a container of your choice. From the time an order is placed, the typical lead time is between 6 and 8 weeks.

Custom Frosted Bottles and Jars

In addition to the many stocked frosted bottles and jars, SKS also offers the option to add a satin matte finish to a variety of other containers. Whether in the market for plastic or glass packaging, a frosted finish is sure to create a high-end look and is a simple method for helping a product stand out on the shelves. There is a minimum quantity of 10,000 pieces to order custom frosted containers, with a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks.

Customized Disc Liners

A disc liner is a thin plastic liner placed over the mouth of a container and paired with a cap to help keep the product inside, where it belongs. SKS offers a wide variety of disc liners that can be customized to meet different needs. Customized disc liners are a great way to add personalization and branding to a product while providing extra protection.Frosted PVC disc liners are translucent, moisture resistant, heat resistant, puncture resistant, feature a matte finish, and 0.015 or 0.010 gauge thickness. These liners can be debossed with a custom logo or text. PETG disc liners can also be debossed. They come in .0075 and .010 gauge thickness and are available in white, clear, or custom colors that offer clarity and transparency. PETG does not become brittle as it ages, is recyclable, FDA and USDA approved. If looking for an embossed disc liner, the vinyl/polypro disc liners could be a great option. They are white, moisture resistant and comprised of polypropylene plastic, laminated with vinyl. Mylar disc liners are another option that provides excellent clarity, are resistant to oils, solvents, weak acids and bases, and can also be die-cut cleanly. These liners would be customized with a hot stamp printing process and have a .004 gauge thickness.SKS requires only a 5,000 piece minimum for disc liners. The lead time for a first order will be 8 weeks, and repeat orders take only 5 weeks.

Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves

Printed shrink sleeves feature artwork digitally printed on flexible shrink film, which reduces in size when applied with heat. These sleeves conform to the shape of the container when applied properly. Shrink sleeves could be a great deco option for containers with irregular shapes, in addition to traditional bottles and jars. Choose shrink sleeves to create a big impact with a 360-degree display of artwork. Not only do custom printed shrink sleeves provide maximum exposure, they also provide tamper evidence making them a great option when packaging food or beverage products. Shrink sleeves are available in PVC, PETG, OPS, and PLA films. There are two types of printing that can be utilized for shrink sleeves, one of which is flexographic printing, which uses a flexible relief plate and is well suited for printing large areas of solid color. Another method is rotogravure printing, which involves engraving an image onto a copper cylinder and a rotary printing press, to then print onto the shrink sleeves. There are several enhancements to further customize your shrink sleeves. Choose from options like unique perforations, metallic effects, varnishes, easy open tamper evident bands, and more!

Custom Decorated and Filled Lip Balm Tubes

SKS offers the option to purchase filled lip balm tubes with custom single color screen printed labels. This could be a good option for promotional use as it is a frequently used product, and with a custom label, it aids in establishing and/or promoting brand recognition. The filled lip balm tubes are available with spearmint, cherry, or vanilla flavors. All flavors have 23 SPF, aloe, and UVA/UVB protection. The lead time is typically 8-10 weeks from receipt of the PO, art, and color approvals.

Packaging Tip

Unique Packaging

Looking for a unique way to set your product apart from the competition? Try using nontraditional packaging for your product. For example, if packaging salts or spices, opt for a candle jar with glass flat pressed lids for a container sure to stand out among conventional salt canisters and grinders. Package gourmet dressing or condiments in one of our hexagon jars or oval hexagon jars for a simple way to draw attention to your product. Using unconventional packaging solutions does not mean it will cost more. As always, be sure to first test your product with the packaging for proper compatibility.

Product of the Month

Frosted Glass Candle Jars

Shown here is SKS Bottle & Packaging’s newest addition to the growing line of glass candle jars. These classic candle jars could be used to start a new product line or could just as easily be tied into an existing one. The frosted finish offers an elegant, polished aesthetic that is sure to stand out on the shelves. Choose from the many custom labels SKS offers to brand your product, and give these jars a finished look. To purchase these candle jars click here, or click here to browse a variety of other candle containers SKS has to offer.

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