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SKS now offers a variety of options for packaging food products

December 2013

White and Clear Polypro Tubs

SKS' white and clear polypro tubs come in 3 convenient sizes, 8, 16 and 32 ounces. They offer the unique convenience of being both microwave and dishwasher safe making them easily re-used. These tubs have an airtight seal which insures your products stay fresh and the variety of sizes suit most any food packaging need. Try using these tubs for packaging a variety of snack foods such as pretzels or popcorn. They come with matching lids which makes them ideal for storing foods or prepared meals. The versatility and convenience that these tubs offer sure sure to suit many of your packaging or storage needs. Order yours today!

Clear PET (PCR) Deli Tubs

If looking for environmentally conscious material for packaging your granola, berries, dried fruits, etc., look no further! These clear PET (PCR) deli tubs are made from 100% post-consumer resin, and are available in an 8, 16 or 32 oz size tub. These top of the line containers provided the added bonus of a tamper evident closure. Simply pull the corner tab to remove the top. Once "tampered with" the tab remains upright, assuring your consumer their product is safe to eat. Click below to order your PET PCR Deli Tubs!

Clear PET Square Gripped Wide Mouth Jars

These clear PET square gripped wide mouth jars come with or without white ribbed PE lined caps. Perfect for packaging large volumes of food, and are sure to stay fresh for long periods of time. These 1/2 and 1 gallon jars have a gripped handle, making dispensing of product a breeze! These jars have a wide mouth which could make them a great option for packaging a variety of foods such as gumballs, snacks or other candies. These jars could also be ideal for storing food products such as flour, sugar, rice or cereal.

Clear PET Peanut Butter Jars

Last but not least are the 12 and 17 oz PET peanut butter jars! Order them with brown, black, red or white induction foil lined caps. When applied with aninduction sealing system the liner creates an airtight seal to help ensure the freshness of the product and provides consumers with the comfort of knowing the product has not been tampered with. Try a sample, or get started and place an order today!

Packaging Tip

Plastic Bag Sealer

To safely and securely seal plastic bags order SKS' Plastic Bag Sealer! It is the #1 selling sealer in the US, with over a million plastic bag sealers in use. This sealer provides exceptional air and watertight seals on most plastic materials up to 6 mil in thickness. For a reliable high quality sealer order SKS' Plastic Bag Sealer today!

Product of the Month

Honey Bottles and Jars

Browse the endless options SKS has for packaging honey! 1.5 oz clear PET honey bear bottles, 32 oz clear glass honey jars and everything in between! For a step away from the traditional, try the 8 or 16 oz clear glass muth style jars. With a cork finish they offer a unique, old fashion, stand out look. Browse SKS' selection of honey bottles and jars by clicking below.

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