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February 2013

Whether it is perfume vials or foundation containers you are shopping for, SKS has it all and more. For the entire month of February we are running a promotion on a variety of our favorite cosmetic containers. Check out our newsletter below which details the different varieties of cosmetic packaging we stock. Then browse the selection of items on promotion and start saving!

From fragrances to foundation and everything in between, SKS offers a wide variety of packaging for cosmetics. We are focused on providing your company with anything your customer wants, and more importantly, everything your customer needs. You already make the best, so why not package it with the best?

Eye Shadow Containers

SKS offers several variations of eye shadow containers. This includes compacts with hinged lids and screw on lids, both of which come in white, black and silver, with or without clear window lids. If you are interested in product packaging more than one shade in a single container, we also offer jars with dividers.

Cosmetic Powder Jars

We offer an array of cosmetic jars for packaging loose powders such as foundations and bronzers. Ourclear plastic styrene jarscome with black smooth plastic caps as well as black and silver caps with a matte finish. These jars can hold as little as 10 or as many as 45 ml! We provide the option of a regular sifter insert, or a double sifter. Both sifters allow you to more easily dispense the powder from the open container. However, with the double sifter, a slight turn of the plastic divider seals the holes off completely, preventing unwanted powder dispensing.

Liquid Makeup Bottles

You're in luck! SKS also carries all kinds of options for liquid foundation bottles. Whether you are interested in using our 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz bottles for samples, or our 2 oz and 8 oz boston rounds, SKS has it all. Our clear plastic naples oval bottles, as well as our glass boston rounds, are available with treatment pumps. These pumps release 190 MCL per stroke, making them a perfect fit for all of your liquid makeup and concealers.

Concealer Bottles & Tubes

In addition, we also provide concealer bottles and cover up tubes! Whether it's to be used as under eye cover-up, spot treatment or to even tone the skin, it can all be packaged with products offered by us, quickly and easily.

Lip Balm Tubes & Pots

For lip wear, we offer twist up or push up tubes (made of plastic or paperboard), plastic and glass roll on bottles, metal tins, or plastic jars with clear lids. All of these options range in size from a 0.095 oz plastic lip balm tube, to a 1/2 oz tin container. Be sure to browse the array of sizes, styles and colors in which ourlip balm containersare offered!

Perfume Containers

Last but not least, SKS stocks a wide selection of perfume packaging. Our perfume roller ball bottles and sprayer bottles range in size from 5 to 15 ml and work perfectly for traveling. These no mess plastic roll-on applicators with matching caps are available in opaque, frosted and clear plastic to suit almost any beauty brand. Use our screw cap plastic jars to hold an array of aromatic resins, scented balms, and solid perfumes. Our glass vials could be ideal for fragrance samples or on-the-go! Don't forget that you can order in bulk and save!

Our cosmetic containers are built to protect your product, while still making it easy for your customer to use and apply. The quality of the product we offer the cosmetic industry is not something that is just recognizable to those of us in the field, but is something your consumers are sure to recognize as well. It is certain to be a contributor to the loyalty surrounding your great brand.

Packaging Tip

Custom Cosmetics Labels

Labeling is a vital step in the packaging and branding process for your product line. SKS offers over 75 die-cut adhesive label shapes and sizes. We offer white paper labels with a matte or glossy finish and clear polypro waterproof labels for extra durability. Simply download the label template for your chosen label size, upload your artwork or logo, and submit your order! Not sure where to start with your design? Take a look at some of our informational pages:

Product of the Month

3 ml Plastic Jars w/ Hinged Lids

These 3 ml hinge top plastic jars are available in black or matte silver. Each jar is constructed from durable black ABS plastic and features a hinged window lid. Try using these plastic jars for packaging a variety of cosmetic products from eyeshadow and concealer to lip balm and solid perfume. For a limited time, the black hinge top compacts are on sale at a discounted price!

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