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Green Packaging

January 2013

SKS is excited about the next big thing in green packaging! Bringing in packaging made of PIR, PCR and paperboard is our way of taking steps toward helping our environment. We view this as more than a trend, but rather a direction we want our company to continue to go in. As a company who has continually progressed in a way that is not only good for us, but for you, green packaging is bound to have a positive impact on both you and your business.

Some of the products we offer are made of PIR (Post Industrial Resin) and PCR (Post Consumer Resin). PIR is our newest in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

PIR Plastic Jars

OurPIR Double Wall Jarsare mainly to be used for cosmetics and skincare products; lotion, powder, oils, etc. These jars seal smoothly and securely, assuring that the contents will not leak or spill. The sleek, clean look is both unique and attention grabbing, while the black matte finish truly sets this container apart from the rest.While the exterior of the jar is made completely of recycled materials, the Double Wall Jar's second wall is there to provide the proper environment for your product. At SKS we look to provide our customers with as many options as possible, eco-friendly packaging is yet another one of the many. Provide your customer with the comfort of knowing their company thinks green as well. SKS now stocks a line of PIR Double Wall Jars in2 oz, 4 ozand8 ozsizes. Order a sample of our PIR jars and let us know what you think!

PCR Plastic Containers

PCR (Post Consumer Resin) is made from 100% post-consumer material. After the material is used it is recycled, cleaned, ground and re-compounded into pellets before then being molded into any one of the number of plastic bottles, jars and containers we carry. PCR plastic can be produced in a variety of recycled content percentages, up to 100%. PCR plastic containers are used often in the Cosmetic and Bath & Body industries to package ecologically conscious products.

Paperboard Containers

One of our newest products is our1 oz. Paperboard Push Up Tubeand1/2 oz. Paperboard Jar. They are both constructed with an oil resistant paper barrier and appropriate for products such as lip balms and lotion bars. Made from 100% paperboard, and unlike any other lip balm container, this line is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. In fact in testing, the product biodegraded in less than one year! It truly stands in a category of its own.

It is easy to look at all of these recent changes and say that at SKS we are now focusing on greener packaging, when in reality this is something we have been focused on for quite a while. The best environmental move since the start of SKS in 1986 was our mystery bag. We hate the thought of overrun or closeout items hitting the landfills. These particular bottles, jars and vials are in great condition but would have eventually been thrown away. With the mystery bag option, customers receive a FREE bag full of bottles, jars or vials along with their order. This way we take care of those overrun and closeout items while our customers get packaging for free. Since the mystery bag was created in 2003 it has kept over 25,000 containers out of landfills!! SKS also uses 100% recycled boxes for all of our packaging. While some companies are jumping on the "green initiative" band wagon now, SKS has been, and will continue to always be looking for greener options for our customers.

Green sustainable packaging is certainly something we strongly take into account when looking for new products. Eco packaging, including compostable and biodegradable plastics, as well as sustainable products that require less energy to produce, are all a part of "Going Green". We offer you the option to "Go Green" as well through a number of our new stock products. With the use of PIR and PCR to produce some of our plastic bottles, as well as introducing paperboard, we are pushing toward a greener future. Unlike some of our competitors, we recognize the significance in providing our customers with as many green options as possible. By taking advantage of our latest in environmentally conscious products, you are contributing to fewer toxins released, less plastic in landfills, and an overall better future. Because, where we go green you do too!

Packaging Tip

Selecting a Label

You're half way done! You've taken care of ordering your green packaging, but the problem is you want your customers to know just how environmentally friendly this packaging is. Problem solved! Browse our ever expanding labels selection and order customized labels to go with your packaging today!

Select your labels shape and size in a matte or glossy finish, and you have already taken the first steps toward branding your product. Maybe you are a smaller, mom and pop type of company; this tip applies to you as well. People feel far more comfortable with labels on products they are buying, most importantly food. Labels are a huge part of building trust and loyalty in the eyes of your consumer. Try any number of shapes or sizes to add to your 1 oz Paperboard Push Up Tubes for example, or place an order for our 8 oz PCR Deli Tubs and add a round, rectangular or square label with it! Take this opportunity to market your company, product and the ever attractive bonus that the packaging they are buying is environmentally friendly! Please visit our Label info page.

Product of the Month

Airless Pump Bottle

There is no denying the universal appeal of our Silver Matte Airless Pump. Everything from its shape, size, color and material makes it stand out. Beyond that however the mechanics of the airless pump are what make this bottle a top of the line product. A good fit for lotions, gels and serums, this pump easily and delicately dispenses your product. Order a sample of the 30 ml and/or 50 ml Airless Pump Bottle today, and test it out with your product!

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