Structure of Metal Containers

SKS has many metal containers available, and this metal container anatomy guide will assist you in choosing the right type for your needs. For more information and creative ideas read our metal containers product spotlight.

Slip Cover Metal Tins

Slip cover metal tin style includes a vertical surface (the edge between the top of the slip cover and the curl at its bottom) that slips over and outside the metal tins.

Curl (also known as a rolled edge) is the edge of the slip cover lid that is turned in on itself to provide a safe, finished edge.

The metal containers compatible with slip cover tins will either have a concave or convex bead. Concave (interior bead) or convex (exterior bead) area usually 1/8" wide spanning the circumference of the tins to provide additional strength and stability to the body of the tins while holding products.

Embossed slip cover lids have a "step" created between the cover's horizontal surface and vertical surface, so stacking tins is possible with less likelihood of toppling over.

Debossed slip cover lids have a depression between the horizontal surface of the covers.

Industrial Metal Cans

Many industrial metal caps will include plugs, which fit snugly into the walls of the friction ring to create a tight seal. A plug closure fits into a "well" of a seamed ring. The plug is pressed into the multi friction ring, and the two surfaces (the outside and inside edge) come into contact with the ring, creating multiple sealing surfaces on the plug/ ring combination.

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