Top 5 Candle Containers

SKS offers numerous glass and metal candle containers that are exceptional choices for creating a full line of beautifully scented candles or for DIY crafting. Below are some of our top candle container selections. Be sure to browse our candle industry index for even more creative ideas!

Clear Glass Candle Jar with Glass Pressed Lids

Tall, column style, glass candle jars with matching glass lids are a popular choice. The candle jars feature a thick, sturdy base and a wide opening for easy filling with various types of wax. Paired with each glass candle jar size are clear glass lids with plastic fitments that help to preserve the candles. The plastic fitments sit snug within the glass candle jar necks presenting a stylish option with or without the lid on.
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Clear Glass Square Candle Jars

Clear glass square candle jars offer a sharp look and include features that can assist with packaging candles. The thick walls and base help to reduce the external temperature of the jars and the slightly flared inner shape can help candles burn evenly. Consider choosing these square glass candle jars for pour candles or as stylish votive holders.
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Clear Glass Round Candle Jars

Simple, round glass candle jars are economically priced and offer sleek sides for custom branding, as well as a thick base to help reduce damage to surfaces while the candles are burning. The 3 oz size makes these candle jars useful for pour candles, tealight holders, customized wedding favors, and much more.
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Frosted Glass Round Candle Jars

Frosted glass candle jars emit a warm glow when used for packaging a range of candles. These frosted candle jars offer a thick base and walls to assist with reducing the external temperature while candles are lit. The smooth matte frosted application can help to elevate these candle jars for home decor, restaurants, gift sets, and more.
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Footed Candle Tins w/ Rolled Edge Covers

SKS offers metal candle containers as well. Silver footed candle tins with rolled edge covers are specifically designed for packaging candles. Each footed candle tin has three embossed feet that lift the tins 1 mm from the surface to increase airflow. The additional airflow helps to reduce the exterior temperature of the candle tins while the wax is burning. Paired with the candle tins are embossed rolled edge covers, which offer a snug fit for storing and transporting candles.
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For additional information regarding these candle containers, as well as other great options, be sure to read our product spotlight. SKS highly suggests testing these candle containers with your products to ensure complete compatibility.

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