How to Measure Tapered Corks

Corks have high elasticity, a unique look, and low cost. For these reasons and much more, many industries have started to package a range of products with tapered corks.

SKS has a variety of tapered corks that can be paired with stylish containers we have available.

How to Size the Bottle or Vial

Since tapered corks are placed within the neck of the bottle or vial, the dimension needed for compatibility is the I diameter, also known as the inner diameter.

Take note that this diameter is not the diameter listed within the neck finish of a bottle or vial. Having the bottle present during this step is highly suggested.

How to Size Tapered Corks

Tapered corks will fit snugly into the necks of bottles or vials at the midpoint of the cork, which is considered the middle diameter.

The tapered corks are compatible with bottles or vials that have inner diameters matching or very close to the cork's middle diameter.

Putting the Measurements Together

Let's take item numbers 40440375.01S and 3006-08 as an example.

The I diameter of the 375 ml clear glass bar top bottle is 19.0 mm.

The middle diameter of the size 8 tapered cork is 19.3 mm.

Reference Chart

The following is a convenient chart showing the top, middle, and bottom diameters of the tapered corks that SKS has in stock. All measurements are in millimeters (mm).

This page is intended as a helpful guide; SKS does not guarantee compatibility. SKS strongly recommends testing the bottles or vials with the chosen tapered corks with your products before purchasing.

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