The Top Benefits of Purchasing in Bulk

Bulk Containers and Caps from SKS for your Packaging Needs

Kits are a combination of compatible containers and closures sold together in smaller quantities. SKS offers a variety of kits that can be useful when starting a new product line or offering smaller quantities of promotional items, but may become costly when purchasing larger quantities of inventory. That is why purchasing in bulk provides many benefits in long term cost effective packaging.

Lower Price Per Each Container and Cap

Bulk cases generally contain a higher count of closures or containers, with a lower price per each item compared to purchasing smaller quantity kits. While the total order dollar amount is higher, the cost per item in the order is cheaper and your supply will last longer, saving money in the long run.

Here's an example:

Say you want to purchase kit 0034-34, which includes vibrant green PET boston round bottles with black lotion pumps, for a total cost of $31.44 per bag.

If you need more bottles than what the kit case pack offers, then you might not be getting the best deal! Kits are great for infrequent or smaller quantity orders, but if your business requires a more stock, bulk will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Let's see how much you would save ordering one case of bulk compared to multiple kits totaling a similar number of containers and closures.

Using components from the kit mentioned earlier, a bulk case of black lotion pumps comes in cases of 900 and the Green PET boston round bottles come in cases of 400. One bulk case of black lotion pumps, 2585-51B, and two bulk cases of green boston round bottles, 00340080.01S, gives you 900 caps and 800 bottles, leaving 100 extra caps for future use. The total for this order is $648.00, or $0.81 per set.

Kit 0034-34 comes with 24 sets of caps and closures per bag. You would need to order 34 kits to equal close to the number of bottles you would get ordering bulk. 34 Kits of 0034-34 will give you 816 sets of pumps and bottles for a total of $1,068.96, or $1.31 per set.

Kit and bulk containers both have their advantages, but for large quantity orders, the cost savings of buying bulk in comparison to multiple kits is usually greater. In this example, the cost savings is $420.96, with an additional 100 lotion pumps for future use.

To make purchasing in bulk fast and simple, SKS offers assistance in the shopping cart! If you add a large number of kits into the shopping cart that adds up to a higher subtotal than equivalent bulk items, there may be a box shown that details how your order can be revised to bulk. This convenient feature can instantly update your shopping cart to bulk items without time consuming calculations or searching for the matching items. The bulk components offered during this process will be the exact closures and/or containers you have selected in the kit so that the only difference will be the case pack size.

Easily Mix and Match for Personalization

Purchasing in bulk gives you the option to mix and match compatible containers and closures for various combinations to create your perfect packaging set. Appearance makes a difference when packaging your products and it's always beneficial to create a consistent, stylish, dynamic look for your packaging to catch the customer's eye.

A huge advantage to purchasing in bulk is the ability to mix and match the same closure to several containers. Caps are typically sold in larger bulk case packs and can be matched with various bottles sold in bulk. For example, if you want multiple colors of 8 oz boston round bottles to create a full product line, you could order a set of amber, black, blue, green, and/or clear bottles and match them all with the same order of lotion pumps, disc top caps, smooth ribbed caps, or other closure options. This high level compatibility allows you to mix and match with great flexibility, reducing your overall packaging costs.

A useful tip for buying in bulk is to use the neck finish and Cap Codes listed in the product description of the containers and closures. This will ensure compatibility of each component to dispense properly and efficiently. Check out the convenient Add-ons option for any bulk container to view a full list of matching caps and add them to your cart right from the product page. Be sure to test the selected caps and closures with your products to ensure complete compatibility.

Inventory in House for Unforeseen Needs

No matter how much you plan when running business, unexpected things can happen. Whether there is an immediate increase in sales, a new distribution contract, or a highly successful promotion, the need for additional stock can present itself at any time.

In such cases, many customers rush to purchase kits with expedited shipping methods, which is less cost effective and may not be fast enough to meet demands. Buying a little extra in bulk allows you to always have some excess stock on hand to accommodate for those unexpected spikes in sales and alleviates the stress of rush orders.

Buying in bulk could assist in allowing production to continue to run smoothly and without delay.

Possibility of Additional Discounts and Promotions

When buying in bulk for the first time, the total may be a lot higher than what you're used to, but don't worry! SKS has money saving offers to help offset some of these costs. SKS provides free shipping on UPS Ground shipped orders of $350 or more shipped within the continental US, and UPS Ground shipped orders of $500 or more when shipped to certain Canadian provinces. If your order qualifies, the free shipping option will automatically be selected during checkout, no discount code is necessary.

Monthly promotions also feature select product discounts on certain order minimums. For alerts on promotions, surprise discounts, and limited promotional codes, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.

Container Cash is offered as part of our customer loyalty program and makes purchasing with SKS even more profitable for you! For every $300 spent you receive 10 points, which translates into Container Cash and can be used to reduce the cost of future orders. One online bulk order can provide a substantial amount of Container Cash towards your next order! If you have any questions regarding these promotions or would like additional assistance when purchasing, feel free to contact our Customer Care department.

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